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    Giveaway - Win a Brand New SG9120 Motor & WS9036 90cm Satellite Dish

    "I want to win the new SG9120 Heavy Duty DiSEqC Motor & The WS9036 36 Inch Dish"
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    Satellite AV Sample of the Week Ends 10.12.2009

    I'm here, I'm here!!! :) I guess I need to check my messages more often!! Wow, that is fantastic!!! Thanks Brian! I'll be calling Monday morning :up
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    Enter to Win: Sadoun Bandstacked KU LNBF - End 10/31/09

    Currently, Hell's Kitchen, a guilty pleasure. I'm not proud.
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    Satellite AV Sample of the Week Ends 10.12.2009

    Here goes: 3 for Dish Network 1 on my Primestar Dish for FTA 2 Primestar LNBs in the box 2 old Dish LNBs in the box 1 HughesNet RFU/ODU in the box ----------------------------------- 9 LNBs Total
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    Thanks. I'm going to gather all of the part numbers and find out what I can about these goodies. Unless I'm mistaken, the dish was aimed at 97W (Galaxy 19?). I may try for another one a few miles away, but that may be greedy ;)
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    Finally! After a number of scheduling conflicts and weather events, I finally got my hands on some of the goods. Here are a few pics. First the dish: It is indeed a 6' (1.8m) Prodelin. Let me tell you, it looks much smaller from the ground! The non-pen mount will be a project for...
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    Here is a preview. It should be coming down before the week is out.
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    Since I haven't actually made off with the goods yet, I've been hesitant to spill the beans. We are talking about General Motors, apparently enterprise-wide. This was connected with their Project Genesis system, part of which was used for training. The word is, as of September 15, they were...
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    Free Sample of the Week - Satellite AV - Ends 9.23.2009

    It was very late in 1978 or early 1979. My grandfather had a C-Band very BUD installed at his home deep in the mountains of Virginia. I watched an episode of "Candid Candid Camera" on, if I'm not mistaken, HBO. I wanted one immediately, but it would have to wait, as I was only 15.
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    I can't imagine what this thing would cost when originally installed! It does indeed have the RX/TX LNBF installed. Once I have pulled the equipment, I can provide more info about possible sources, but I want to get my hands on it first. Let's just say that there should be a lot of these...
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    I will definitely provide some pics once I get a hold of it in a few days! :)
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    Unusual hardware, but a good find??

    I do IT support for a number of businesses in my area including an auto dealership. The dealership had a satellite system set up to communicate with corporate primarily for training. The system is no longer being used and they have been told by corporate to dumpster the equipment. I told them...
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    Contest: Enter to Win a Mini BUD from Satellite AV

    I would visit my relatives deep in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia. My cousin and I would catch crawdads (crayfish for those of you in other parts) from the creek, hike through the hills, and watch out for bears. I would think about what the future held, like satellite dishes that...
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    Anyone have a Captain 8000hd receiver?

    I saw similar discussions, but never saw anyone say they had actually pulled that off. Anyone else see anything that confirms with any certainty that it could be done?
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    Neusat HD 9000 Receiver Review

    Stogie, that $100 is a sweet deal! That explains my earlier issue with it hanging on blind scans of AMC1. For some reason I didn't put 2 and 2 together. I agree. The PQ for PBS HD looks wonderful. I haven't tried for any 4:2:0 HD feeds yet. If you can overlook its many issues, it...