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    Sprint Confirms '4G' MiFi, New HTC EVO Shift

    Picked up the Evo Shift 4G this weekend, coming from the HTC Hero, and its lightning fast in comparison. Even though its spec'd at 800mhz, this cpu tests out faster than the Evo or Sprint's Galaxy phone (is it the Epic?). Didnt like the $10 addon for 4G where there is no 4G coverage in my...
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    What ROMS have you used with your android phone

    Using CM6 (8-25 nightly build) on my Sprint Hero. Works great!
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    My Charter story...

    You could go over to the Charter Direct forums on and post a question there. They seem to be higher level representatives of the company, maybe they can help you out. Worth a shot. But in your situation, I would probably opt for a Tivo (S3, HD or Premiere) and get a cable card...
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    Charter Dumping my Cable Card

    Its not the cable card at issue here. His Charter system is turning on SDV. In doing so, any cable card device would need the TA in order to tune all the channels on SDV. It doesnt matter if its a S or M card, SDV requires a TA as well as the host device (tv, tivo, etc) to have software on it...
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    Charter Dumping my Cable Card

    Tivo's have the ability to use the TA, I'm not sure of any TV's that have this support. You could still use your CC in your TV, but any channels on your local system that move to SDV (switched Digital video channels) you will lose access to. If your Pioneer has a cable card slot in it...
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    Disposing of computers

    I like to use a dead-blow hammer on mine, then use the bandsaw to cut them into quarters. Of course the first step before all that is to pass the drive through a large de-magnetizer we have here at work.. makes the platters and heads inside rattle like nobodies business! Have to admit...
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    Special Offer: HBO & Showtime Free for 3 Months

    I didnt see anything listed on the website, but mayne someone knows.. I am not under any sort of commitment with dish right now, if I do this promo, do I get put into a commitment? What if I were to cancel my service with Dish say halfway through the promo period?
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    My MSN hotmail is sending spam!!

    I had a problem with my msn account a few weeks back, it sent some spam to everyone in my contact list including myself. it was something done remotely, not a hack on my computers. I changed passwords and probably changing providers soon. The emails actually showed up in my 'sent' folder too...
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    Eastern Arc SD Bitrates Up, PQ Down

    Even the background, like the brick wall? Look at how the mortar lines are all but gone on the new picture vs. the old one (above piano and on back wall near drapes).
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    NCAA finds Michigan football in violation of 5 major infractions....

    Oh I wasnt complaining about how you wrote it, but the fact is that the NCAA's own statement had the word "possible" in front of the word "major". The exact quote from the NCAA was: "Your institution should understand that all of the alleged violations set forth in the document attached to...
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    NCAA finds Michigan football in violation of 5 major infractions....

    It sure is funny how the omission of 1 word in the title makes this sound so much worse than it really is. Of course that word is "potentially". Just about every news source dropped it to make the story sound that much better! As for the wrong-doings.. 20 minutes extra practice? Come on...
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    Ahh, didnt know it was blacked out on MLB.TV streams.
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    Why not just get a Roku netflix device and sign up for MLB.TV on it. Seems like a good solution for those that want Dish and Yankees.
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    2/10/2010 2:07pm - Uplink Activity Report - 97 changes

    When I get home in an hour I will post which version recorded.