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    We Really Had It Great With Voom!!

    I still can't believe they're gone. I'm stuck suffering with adelphia cable. If dish ever picks up the full voom21 then I'll sign up with them. Until then, dish really sucks, dtv is a joke, and adelphia is sadly the best option out of a bad bunch. It's kind of like picking the best...
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    No wonder adelphia is still rated worst in the country!!!

    Here we go again.... Man are they starting to piss me off. First it was the technical problems..those have continued. Every week or so my box magically gets unauthorized and I have to call in and have them zap it. I guess I've gotten used to that so it doesn't bother me as much. Now I...
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    about to cancel adelphia!! !#@$$%!$%

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS SACRED AND HOLY!!!!!!!!! This is beyond ridiculous. I'm sitting here watching a show five minutes ago......suddenly the screen goes black and a message flashes on my screen that "your explorer settop box is not authorized for use..blahblahblah" For...
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    about to cancel adelphia!! !#@$$%!$%

    well, I have a problem with my DVR too. It's missing some options it's supposed to have in the software. Adelphia's suggestion was that I drive out myself to their main office way out in bumblef*ck and exchange it. They won't send a tech out or mail me a new one. Great customer service.
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    about to cancel adelphia!! !#@$$%!$%

    Oh, and get this----when I called about the HD locals being down AGAIN, they actually tried to sell me internet service!!!! LMFAO!!!! I told her that I'm a network admin for a living, and if my internet went down as often as my cable did, I'd be unemployed in no time at all!! You gotta be...
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    about to cancel adelphia!! !#@$$%!$%

    I knew this was going to happen. I dreaded going with adelphia from the very beginning. They sucked 4 years ago when I had them and they suck now. They're showing Star Wars AOTC in HD on my local fox tune in to Fox HD, and whaddya know....all my HD locals are...
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    Adelphia adds ESPN2hd & NFLHD!!!

    yep. Added here in miami too. Now when are they gonna add TMC and cinemax HD and the rest of the premium channels' HD lineups????
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    Are You Vooming Again On Dish Yet?

    That's more or less the situation I'm in right now. After today I'll know for sure if my condo board will allow satellite dishes, but even if they do, I still look at it the same way you do. I'm paying adelphia 80/mo for everything including a dual tuner HD DVR. The HD selection is pretty...
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    Now I remember why I hate adelphia

    Wow! Do you have electricity and indoor plumbing yet?
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    No picture on Voom, please help

    ahahahaha!! Thanks, you made my day!!! Good stuff!! :D :D :D
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    VOOM was a great deal!!!

    heh...good luck. Read my experiences in the adelphia forum here. They sucked years ago and they still suck now. They are currently the cheapest though. I get the full thing with all the premiums and the HD pack (a measly 13 channels) for about 81/mo, and that's with an HD DVR. I chose...
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    DD sound problem with Adelphia SA 8300

    That's the problem with my particular pile of crap. It doesn't have that setting anywhere in the menu. Believe me, I've checked. The only audio option I have is to set volume to fixed or variable. That's it.
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    Now I remember why I hate adelphia

    lol..well, in case you missed my other thread, here's my last post from it. They are absolutely unbelievably and utterly horrible!!!!!!!! "For the love of god and all things sacred and holy, NOW WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!?!? So I turn my tv on and now all of my HD locals are gone. Black...
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    DD sound problem with Adelphia SA 8300

    For the love of god and all things sacred and holy, NOW WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!?!? So I turn my tv on and now all of my HD locals are gone. Black screen on all of them. Had adelphia for less than 2 weeks and I've almost spent more time on the phone with their tech support than I have watching...
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    DD sound problem with Adelphia SA 8300

    No problem. Perfectly understandable. Why do you think I chose this screen name??