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    Dish Customer care

    It took 30 minutes for me, but I was canceling the last call.
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    Phoenix Meredith stations dispute?

    Dish installed an outdoor antenna for me and I live in the city of Atlanta < 5 miles from most towers. They offered to include the OTA adapter, but it's only a single tuner. I already had an attic antenna and my own dual tuner adapter. I was already able to pick up the main 4 channels and many...
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    Did Dish fix their OTA Dual Tuner overheating problems?

    Hi, is the OTA Dual Tuner better at picking up and maintaining a signal than the single OTA tuner? I have a TiVo which works very well so I know it's not the antenna. My Hopper 3 with single Dish OTA tuner never seemed stable.
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    Does anyone know if a Harmony remote can be programmed to operate voice on the 54.0 remote?
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    Thanks for clarifying.
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    Are you getting an additional credit to get it down to $55. They're charging me 35 + 12 + 10 + tax = ~ $59.
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    Hopper with Sling $12 fee. However, my previous agreement included a $2 off local savings as well as the $5 off for auto-pay. So my DVR fee will actually will go down by $2, that's good. The bottom line is that I was paying $54 before and now the bill will be $59, the difference being the...
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    My 2 year just ended. I called in, they're offering a free upgrade to the Hopper 3 with $10 equipment fee and another 2 year agreement, but no $5 discount for auto-pay.
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    New Carbon Interface on Hopper with Sling - positives and negatives

    I meant after you get to the actual episodes results. It dumps you on the Summary tab, then you have to advance to the Episodes tab, then you have to expand each Season just to get to the list of episode results. If there's a quick to immediately get to all the episode results, please let me know.
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    New Carbon Interface on Hopper with Sling - positives and negatives

    Thanks for the tip, I can reprogram my harmony. Solves that one. :)
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    New Carbon Interface on Hopper with Sling - positives and negatives

    Agree, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out the positives. I haven't had issues with the timers, but here's my list of negatives: Slow 2.5 hour guide instead of 3 No 4x ff No search history that I can see More button presses in search to get to the results Can't hold down the 30s skip...
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    No 4x fast forward = deal breaker

    Disappointed to see the NEW Hopper doesn't support 4x. I used 4x on my Hopper with Sling for fast news watching. I really don't want the UI upgrade if it removes 4x. Why would they do this? Did they have a bunch of users who demanded the removal of 4x?
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    DISH Introduces Flex Pack

    Locals are only $10. The Flex pack doesn't work for everyone. I'm switching so I don't have to pay for ESPN anymore and that provides a lot of value for me. I've been waiting for this for years.
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    DISH Introduces Flex Pack

    Thanks for the quick reply.