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    OTHER Unknown Dish

    Nice! Can you post a pic of your c-band crane.
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    What's For Lunch?

    Papas con Chorizo
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    Dishnetwork Internet

    How does the Dish internet work. Do they install a special antenna.
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    How well do the signal meters work with digital OTA?

    Yeah, that is what I did, took my Insignia 19 inch tv, that I use for my security cameras, very light weight and just adjust antenna for best Quality.
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    OTA -4K Tv

    Thanks will look into it!
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    OTA -4K Tv

    Hey People! As many of you already know. These new TVs do not have an RF connector to outdoor antenna. My Question how would I connect the antenna to these type of new Televisions. Thanks!
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    Ham License

    Thanks for Explanation!
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    Ham License

    Thank you Sir!
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    6ft C-band Dish

    You are right about the Wind. As I type this, we are having rain with Strong winds. Thanks for your Professional input.
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    6ft C-band Dish

    It is a Big Value, when we have experts to point out the Facts. Greatly Appreciated. Thanks Bryon
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    So how do you Protect yourself, from any Potential Hackers. As we see it happening all the time. What safeguards should a person take?
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    Blocking Channels

    Guess, you are right about that!
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    6ft C-band Dish

    Bryan, was just looking at specs, on my MOTECK SG2100, says maximum 1.2 dish diameter. Or does depend on weight of dish?
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    6ft C-band Dish

    Great info!
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    6ft C-band Dish

    Bryan, Thanks for letting me know that.