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    Hopper w/Sling not playing back DVR recordings? Help please.

    That seems to have fixed it, thanks! Now if I can get it to see my EHD. Upgraded last month and moved the EHD from my old hopper to the H3 but it will not see it.
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    Hopper w/Sling not playing back DVR recordings? Help please.

    Have play back issues with the Hopper 3. Black screen except for a progress bar that progresses very fast, like skipping forward.
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    And the "significant other" thinks?

    Have not upgraded yet but my wife is siting at the other computer across the room and when I told her that a thread like this one existed she just gave me that look.
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    Hopper 3 Upgrade

    I currently have two hoppers and three wired Joeys. Called to upgrade to H3 and 3 wireless Joeys and was told that the H3 does not support the wireless Joeys. Offered me HWS 1 wired Super Joey and 2 wireless Joeys for the total installed cost of $50.00. Not what I wanted. Went to online...
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    Hopper question

    2 hoppers 4 Joeys (two for each Hopper) - six tuners and six tv's - you are covered. Like it has been said the joeys can switch between Hoppers as needed.
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    EHD from 622

    I have an EHD from a 622 receiver attached to one of my Hoppers and the date of the recording is 100 years off, 2106 when it should be 2006 etc. I guess this is just an artifact from the 622, anyone else seeing this?
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    Hopper Software Update Coming along with Pandora!

    So when the update happens that allows sharing between hoppers then could the whole 2TB on one hopper (for people who have 2 hoppers) be given to the users? That would leave 500GB for Dish, 500GB for PTAT and 3TB for user recording between the two hoppers. PTAT and the Dish PPV could reside on...
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    Need help on what to get to connect Hopper to internet

    I also have the WiFi BB Connector connected to a Hopper. Is there a way to test the download speed that the Hopper is getting? My internet connection is 30Mbps and the wireless is rated at 54Mbps.
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    true. Have not had any other issues other than haveing to reset to get caller id working on one of the hoppers.
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    Thanks for the suggestions. I like the Hopper, it's the receiver I have been waiting for from Dish. I get HD on all five tvs and whole home DVR with plenty (6) of tuners, I have two Hoppers and 3 Joeys. I jumped on it as soon as it was available, the installer said that it was only the second...
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    It's a small issue but it's the small things that seperate good from great. You ever have many people at football party with several tvs being watched? Not being in sync then you may hear load cheers from another room a second or two before you see the play. It's a small thing but it's all...
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    I didn't ask the question because I want synchronized watching in adjacent rooms I just happen to notice that they were out of sync because I can see a tv in an adjacent room. It's just not a sign of a well polished product, they should be in sync.
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    True, but that may increase the size and cost of the Joey and it's too late for the installed base. The delay would just be a software change.
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    So the fix is easy, delay the Hopper while the encoding is taking place. This puts them in snyc and the Hopper /Joey become a better product.
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    Thanks, that answer makes since. These are the little things that make the difference between a good product and a great product. The other issue that can cause is the pause in one room to continue in another room will also be out of sync. This would affect many more people.