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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    Almost 20 years now for me. Thought I was cool when I successfully followed the interwebs script to upgrade to a larger hard disk on the 501...or was it the 301?
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    Hopper 3 pixelation and picture freezing

    Thanks crodrules, they are sending out a tech this week with a new OTA adapter!
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    Hopper 3 pixelation and picture freezing

    Thanks, I paid $59.95 for this one and pay $12 / mo equipment fee. IMO that should count for something. Will Dish provide a working model at no cost?
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    Hopper 3 pixelation and picture freezing

    I’m still having OTA pixelation issues on my HWS (U740). Very frustrating as many recordings have been unwatchable. Sometimes a hard reboot helps for a short time then the issue comes back. My signals are strong. It’s a single tuner module, maybe an older model not sure. The module does get...
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    Star Trek Dicovery season 1 to air on CBS

    First episode airs on 9/24 at 10pm so you should be able to set a timer now instead of seeking.
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    VIP722 power to fans & light strip

    Appreciate all the suggestions! My solution for now was to jerry-rig an old external SATA HDD enclosure plugged into a mechanical timer. Used the 5v rail to power the TV back-light and the 12v rail to power the fans. I think I will upgrade to a smart power strip though for better power...
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    VIP722 power to fans & light strip

    So I have 2 USB cooling fans and a USB powered LED TV back light strip as part of my 722 setup. Problem is that the USB connector on the 722 is always on. With the fans constantly running and the TV backlight strip on 24/7 it is difficult to sleep in that room. I wish the 722 or my TV had a...
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    HD 200 Free?

    I currently have America's Top 200 plan for $54.99 and pay $10 extra for HD 200. I logged onto my account and under Available Channel section, there is a choice for "HD 200 Free". If I change my programming and select "HD 200 Free", do I save $10 and still get same exact programming? ...or...
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    ripping shows from dish dvr

    Hauppauge PVR Easiest thing if you don't need recordings in HD is to use the S-Video output like jbernardi suggests. You can use that Plextor product or a graphics card with S-Video input if you have a desktop. If you want it in HD (without modding your DVR - as in the R5000) you can use the...
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    Running 2 TV's on TV2

    You may not need to use a splitter... can use the coax output (labeled Home Distribution) for one and the S-Video/RCA Audio output for the other tv if it is close enough to the Dish DVR (within 50 ft) with a cheap cable from for Product ID # 2180. I'm doing this...
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    501 remote with 722?

    I can get my old 501 platinum remote to work with my 722 in IR mode but is it possible to get it to work in UHF mode? I am always in single mode.