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    I have 2 original hoppers and a joey and want to upgrade to a hopper 3 and 2 joeys.
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    Rocky movies- Why are some titles not reallly available?

    My daughter wanted to watch one of the Rocky movies a few days ago. I checked netflix instant and it wasn't available. I rarely use blockbuster streaming, but I checked it for Rocky and it showed Rocky 1-5 available in the free/subscribed section. When I clicked onto each Rocky title, it...
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    Annoyed by my Hopper wanting to shut down to check for upgrades

    This issue of guide down to only 2 days data has happened twice to me on one of my 2 hoppers. I only got hoppers in December. It really stinks when it happens. I've been able to get it to update by doing an unplug reset but only when I unplug for more than 30 seconds. I don't really want to...
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    ota signal black screen

    This happens to me every few days. I've eliminated all channels with less than 100% signal already and although it happens less often, it still happens way too much. Very frustrating given that it never happened on the 722.
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    OTA Signal on Hopper

    I also get the black screen on the ota channels about 1 time a week. It goes away after a reset from the front button. Is there any way to eliminate this black screen? I've eliminated all ota channels that don't get a 100% signal. That helped reduce the frequency but it's frustrating since...
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    Question on OTA Tuner Guide

    I didn't get chance to try resetting it with Joeys off. However, all subchannel data is now populated as of today. It took 5 days in my case.
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    Question on OTA Tuner Guide

    I still have no subchannel data and I put OTA on the Hopper on January 5, 4 days ago. There was one day where it flipped into black screen and I had to reset it and move antenna. However, since I had the subchannel ota guide data up until January with the 722, I assumed I would get it with the...
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    Question on OTA Tuner Guide

    I just received my hopper OTA this weekend, having had hopper install the previous week. I previously had a 722 for several years and received OTA of approximately 12 channels with guide data for all, of which about 7 were subchannels which also had guide data. I'm in Sioux City IA. Now that...
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    FIRST LOOK - Hopper OTA Module

    I just ordered Hopper via DIRT- they cannot add OTA unit to the initial work order. It needs to be ordered by customer after Hopper has been activated.
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Ok- I think I'm ready to finally upgrade to Hopper. I am interested in cost of 2 hoppers and 2 joeys. I currently have vip722 for 2 tvs but am in process of adding tv's. Can I get a PM to set up installation?
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    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    If I knew it would be only a couple of weeks I'd upgrade too. The problem is that we don't know whether it's going to be two weeks or twenty-two weeks.
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    OTA and Hopper

    I am very reluctant to pull the trigger and upgrade until it's actually been released. I'm out of contract and very much rely on OTA. I could do without OTA for a few weeks but I really don't feel like it would go well if that wait was several months. Why won't Dish tell us the reason for the...
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    OTA and Hopper

    Why do you think there is a possible six month time frame? It seemed unofficially like it was June or July, then by end of Summer then that summer would be just missed. Now it seems like no one is willing to even guess anymore that it will be released this year except Scott said he had "gut...
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    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    I'm with you in not wanting to get into a 2 year contract until we know more about OTA. If Dish would just officially tell us it's coming and the reason for delay, I would be willing to upgrade now.
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    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    I'm guessing at this point that OTA unit it isn't coming out anytime this month. I just hope it comes out in 2012. There's a lot of us that are waiting to upgrade.