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    Yeah I got the e-mail.
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    whole home DVR service wireless?

    I currently have a HD DVR but I think I would like to upgrade to the whole home HD DVR service. Can this be done thru my wireless route? Or What does it take for the whole sysrems?
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    Today was DirecTV install day!!

    Why the 30 skip? Just wondering why.
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    Heck I have 3 boxes! My original that I bought in 1998 plus two others. My kids have them hooked up to their anaglog tvs.
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    STO now in HD

    Came home and turned on STO and was shocked to see it in HD and in the guide showing just ch 662 and not 662-1!
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    Where R U vacationing this year?

    Going to take a 4 days cruise on Carnival Cruise lines out of Jacksonville, FL to the Bahamas.
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    Software download today at 6pm.

    I just had a software download today at 6 pm eastern time on my HR21. Anyone else. Just seems a odd time to happpen.
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    Samsung BD-UP5000

    There is not a place for Duo HD DVD/BlueRay players, so I am posting here. Sorry if this is in the worry forum. But, I got BD-UP5000 for fathers day for only $349 at Circuit City yesterday. Its was the only one left in the store and it didn't even show up in their stock listing for the store. So...
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    Were You Grandfathered With The HD-Pack? If Not Time Has Ran Out

    Well I just checked I still have all the channels.
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    Ohio State does not want to play LSU in the BCS Championship...

    I think you miss understood my meaning. I am fedup with the talk about their speed and like the Big Ten has no speed. Even though he is gone, I guess Ted Ginn was slow of foot compared to the SEC guys!
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    Ohio State does not want to play LSU in the BCS Championship...

    I love my Bucks, but its the SEC Speed, The SEC Speed, The SEC Speed!!!!!!! You see the the whole Big Ten is just sooooo slooooow we can not even keep up with the waterboys from the SEC!
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    2007 MLB Playoffs

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    HDMI Switch Recommendations?

    I had the same problem as you and I got a Gefen. Works great and they sent two HDMI cables with it. Here is the link. Gefen Inc. - Specializing in HDTV, HDMI, DVI, USB, Cables, HD-SDI, VGA and KVM Solutions
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    2007 MLB Playoffs

    I love the times for the Tribe. HD MM I work the same times too!
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    small problem with new channels

    It works fine with the HR20, but not the H20 even with the favorites set-up for the HD channels. I have both and I have run through both receivers to make sure work. HR20 works fine going to the HD CH, but the H20 goes to the SD CH then I have to scroll to get the HD CH. Don't know of a fix...