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May 2, 2005
Hilliard, OH
There is not a place for Duo HD DVD/BlueRay players, so I am posting here. Sorry if this is in the worry forum. But, I got BD-UP5000 for fathers day for only $349 at Circuit City yesterday. Its was the only one left in the store and it didn't even show up in their stock listing for the store. So it was listed for $449 and I told the salemen I would take for it $100 off the price jokingly. He asked his boss and they said yes to my surprise! Plus they threw in a free BlueRay (Pirates) movie to seal the deal! Now I needed a duo player because I have a HD DVD player with disc's. My wife and I didn't want to lose watching the HD DVD movies, but didn't want to have an other player on top of another. Ran out of space. SO we have been looking at the duo player but the cost was to high for us until yesterday. With this solution we now can enjoy our HD DVD disc plus now we can buy or rent new ones on Blue Ray. I think this is win win for me! Just my story. Oh the HD DVD player went down to the basement for the kids. Got a HDTV down there too.
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Jul 20, 2005
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Ole' Stu got around pretty quick, didn't he? I've had to read 3 of his 5 "wonderful" posts. Maybe it's time to limit the # of posts you can make on day one.
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