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    I knew there was the problem this morning but this did not satisfy my Admiral at home. It's ok, I'll restore the settings and transfer the recordings to the new unit. Also go an additional discount on the bill.
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    My H3 appears to working now but have a replacement on the way. Yesterday during the Super Bowl things started going south. The picture would blank out and back after a minute. All timers new, old, or deleting them was impossible. Maybe we can give Dish a mulligan on the H3 and maybe the H4...
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    This issue appeared to start yesterday during the Super Bowl. Unable to add or delete timers. This morning no autotune timer.
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    2 4k joeys, both die at same time...

    Thanks for clarifying my original post. The 336 version took two tries before finally installing.
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    2 4k joeys, both die at same time...

    Make sure your H3 has version 336 software. I experience a broken 4k joey after the December H3 software update. Go to menu, settings, diagnostics, then tools. You may se an option for software update. This will get you 336 with I believe is a beta version. It also fixes the external hard drive...
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    DISH and Amazon deliver Alexa voice control on Hopper DVR

    I like the innovation bug that Dish has caught. However, they may be better suited to resolving current Hopper3 software issues. Why introduce new issues when the current system still needs tending too.
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    Hopper 3 U334, Joey Problems

    Interesting they told you there was no complaints. After my upgrade to U334 on Tuesday things appeared to be ok. When I came home that night I had no connectivity from the 4k joey to the H3. Many reboots later and three hours of Dish support I had an appointment scheduled for the next day...
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    4K Joey skip back button doing crazy things

    I have experienced the same issue on the 4K Joey. I have also seen a similar issue on the H3. This has been since the last software update. Tried a power plug reset but still experience the issue.
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    HELP!!! FIRST GEN IPAD USER NEEDS OLD VERSION (4.0.3) Dish Anywhere App!!!

    I think this is one of the ways companies force us to upgrade or equipment. Once the software is upgrade, I am unaware of a way to get it back. With that said, if you had a backup of the ipad, you could restore with the backup and get the software. iCloud provides a 80% solution for most users...
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    New Update Software Version S311 Hopper with Sling Is Here

    The answers is yes. My favorites list have stuck going on bout four days. Still waiting for the update on my older hopper.
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    New Update Software Version S311 Hopper with Sling Is Here

    I noticed that my favorite channels are now staying since the update. I just did a hard reboot of my HWS and my list still stayed as the default. Thank you Dish for listening to your customers.
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    External Hard Drive Limitations for Hopper

    I have finally been able to get my Hopper to recognize my Seagate Expansion Desktop 3 TB (STB3000100) USB 3.0 external hard drive. Out of the box, I had tried it on my 722k but it would not format the drive. I waited until I received my Hopper and Hopper/Sling before trying again. Both...
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    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    I received mine on Monday. Ordered it on the fourth of July.
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    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    Just called Dish 800-333-3474 and received my Roku. Took about five minutes total.
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    HDMI splitter

    Here is a website with a skitter you are looking for. 1x4 HDMI Splitter with EDIDProfessional EDID compatibility and w/built-in booster2D, 3D, 1080p and HDMI 1.3 rated - 3D HDMI SPLITTER