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    9 room Hopper Joey install. 3 hoppers 6 joeys

    I see you ran cat5 to all of the hoppers. Instead of running cat5 and coax to each I just ran coax and installed the hic to bring the internet everywhere and back feed the joey signal. Your joey is also connected via coax, non of the joeys had a coax ran to them... Just Cat5
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    9 room Hopper Joey install. 3 hoppers 6 joeys

    :) yea that sounds about right. Man if I could post the pictures I would lets just say his outdoor kitchen probably cost more then my house, sucks I had to tear it apart to run cables. lol.
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    9 room Hopper Joey install. 3 hoppers 6 joeys

    My favorite so far was 2 hoppers, 2 hoppers w/ sling and 5 joeys running all off cat5 with all hoppers/ joeys seeing each other. Due to my client, I wont post pics of the house but I will put up my wiring diagrams.
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    Dish wall mount

    Dish does carry the metal stud kits, but most vans do not carry them. The work great for drywall! The 250 is for installation only and does not include the mount. I do believe the charge for the mount is $99 dollars. This is standard in the Home Theater industry, for example with Geek Squad its...
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    To Live and Die on 110

    Lets have some fun with math. With a standard rg6 run you loose 10db of signal for every 100 feet, With RG11 it is 5db per 100 feet. So if you start at -32db after 550 feet of rg6 you would be at -87db The min needed to a dish receiver is -45db So you would need to gain 42db...
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    From the Quote you posted. The key word here is CABLE. Dish and directv are not CABLE companies. Neither is ATT, or Verizon.
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    Hopper S207 Software Release Notes

    How is the PTAT for the people that it stopped working for? would like to know that things are back on track for the hopper zone.
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    1k2 to dp44 one wire from dish anyway to do it?

    how many receivers do you have? There has to be at least 1 line per sat if you put in a switch. but if you only have 2 receivers a Stacker - de- stacker would work.
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    I just wanna...

    I just wanna keep my owned 922s on my account w/ out having to start another account. Is there any plans in the future to let cust keep VIP and hopper equipment on the same account. ESP if it is owned?
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    only one episode

    So Today while trying to figure out why American Idol (The woman loves it) was deleting every episode past one week old. I found out that somehow it has changed the number of saved episodes in the timer settings to 1. Now I cannot change this as the option is greyed out. Now this is the ONLY...
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    Slim Speakers.

    I am hoping under 300. if its over that I might as well start ripping out the wall and re structure it. lol
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    Slim Speakers.

    I am looking for a set of speakers (fronts and center) that are like These ones . Just with out the price tag. My rears are going to be in ceiling, but I just cant put in walls where my tv is. Any Suggestions?
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    Would like to switch to the Hopper/Joey setup if........

    I can use my owned 922s as well.
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    Any chance that this idea would work

    This would suck for me. I'm sitting at 8 Sat tuners and 4 ota. Come on. If I sped the money I should get asany as I want. I paid 450 for my pos 922.
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    Will Dish Advertise The Hopper During the Superbowl

    Yea that's for internal techs..I'm sure rsp will get something else. The biggest thing is that you cannot install a joey until after the hopper is completely done if u do it will lock up and you have to unplug the joeys and reset the hopper. Good news tho. After the hopper is.done it takes the...