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    Most wanted HD Channels Survey

    1-AMC 2-AMC 3-AMC Mad Men and Breaking Bad are the 2 best TV shows ,IMO.
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    D12 satellite - now we're receiving signals!

    A new 30 days extension for more testing at 76 degrees was filed. Doesn't look good.
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    New HD tip offs?

    If thoses are actually the upcoming HD channels, I'm in no hurry at all. I don't watch any of them and they just look like "cheap stuff", maybe with the exception of ESPNU. I couldn't care less if that's true. I want AMC, Travel and all the premiums in HD.
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    H24 receiver First Look

    The new HR is the HR24, already being tested.
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    More National HD Channels… ?

    I bet the "cheap" channels will come first, like QVC and others that probably will pay Directv or be at least free. What I want is "quality" instead of "quantity" : Travel,AMC,all the HBOs,Encore,IFC,Sundance. Based on the last HD channels added, I'm not very optimistic . Directv's priority is...
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    Which channels you like to see added on DirecTV one day?

    Why were those the only channels selected for the poll ? Some sort of Directv test to see what do we think about the channels that have already been selected ? Those channels are pretty bad and with low public interest, maybe with the exception of ESPNU. Where is Travel HD ? AMC HD,IFC...
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    what do you want from D12

    Travel,AMC,IFC,Sundance,All HBO,All MAX,All Starz,All Encore. Don't forget to bring Versus back.
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    Roku Launches New Channel Store with 10 New Channels

    Can I use Roku to playback a HD MPEG2 video stored on my PC ? Thanks.
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    When are the new HD channels launching?

    I hope they don't add any channel now. Picture quality is clearly getting worse recently. The new bird will allow many new channels without sacrificing quality. 2nd quarter 2010 is when I expect new channels.
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    How is the HD Directv image quality in US?

    I don't think so. If they are starving for transponder space (just speculation here) they will probably squeeze more channels than we do in US. When I was living in Europe I always thought the picture quality was much better there than here, specially in SD. The reason is clear: They don't have...
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    How is the HD Directv image quality in US?

    I will try to answer the original question from our Brazilian fellow member: The quality of the HD is all about how compressed is the signal and what codec is used. Directv was using MPEG2 few years ago and over compressing the signal. Quality was not even close to Bluray. We now use MPEG4...
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    Recording Directv to a pc

    Copy Protection For legal reasons, capture devices from Blackmagic Design are designed not to capture, convert or transmit video or audio from copy-protected sources, e.g. video devices using HDCP. Sounds useless to me.
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    DirecTV2PC Beta Version 5313 Information

    5313 no longer working , gives a msg like" your PC does not support protected content". Quad core with high-end video card (GEFORCE 8800). It stoped working after CE 31A installed. Already reported on CE forum. UPDATE: Returned 1 receiver to NR and everything working now.
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    My H23-600 doesn't do HD MRV well

    I have a powerline 200 Mbps and it works fine for HD. Real throughput is about 28 Mbps but it's very stable and more than enough for HD streaming. My wireless N goes up to 162 Mbps but someimes drops to 13 Mbps and causes some stuttering. I live in a condo with loads of wireless networks...
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    Hr-22 and Windows Media Center

    I can't see any reason whatsoever why the OP doesn't want to use Directv2pc. It works pretty well and is very user friendly. If he can use Windows Media Player, why not use Directv2pc ?