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    Now Playing.

    Playing KillZone2 online, 2 or 3 times a week since I bought it the day it came out. Beat the campaign a week or so ago. PS3 demos:InFamous- great, IMHO UFC- I am not into UFC either, but this game kicks arse...literally.
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    Why is this kid so popular?

    My kids, too. He was on an iCarly episode they were watching and I thought I was gonna have to commit suicide if it lasted one more minute. :mad:
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    GameStop / EB Games Game Days Sale

    The only game I saw I'd even consider playing is the History Channel war game. Too bad every review I read said it sucked. Oh, well. Thanks for the link, anyway! :up
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    Legends of Wrestlemania.-PS3

    I also like the fact you can pummel the crap out of Bobby Heenan. I loathed him as a kid. I can't shake the theme song, either. I sing it on a regular basis. I bet my wife hates me...and the PS3, for that matter. :D:rolleyes:
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    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $1.85-$1.95 in Triad area of NC.
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    Legends of Wrestlemania.-PS3

    Just curious; I'm not a wrestling fan at all...well, since around 1987 anyways, but has anyone played this game yet? I downloaded the demo and I actually like it a lot. Multi-player is really fun, IMHO, even on the demo. I was just curious how much better or worse the entire game was. I won't...
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    Random thoughts before the Sweet 16

    Do the girls there "act" like these 2?? :hungry::hungry::hungry:
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    US February 2009 NPD Hardware/Software Sales

    I'm with ya. I don't think it will be the "Halo-killer" this go-round, either. However, I do think it has some of the best online play (action/intensity/levels/ranks, etc.) I've ever been a part of. Maybe you're right...noone really cares...:( To each, his own, I suppose.
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    US February 2009 NPD Hardware/Software Sales

    I think a lot of people assume KZ2 is just the same ol', run-of-the-mill F.P.S.'s. That's a shame. It kicks so much ass, IMHO.
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    NCAA PQ on Sunday

    Well then, I guess it was the feed from WFMY. Whomever and whatever the reason, it didn't look good at all. Even my wife noticed. That says a lot.
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    NCAA PQ on Sunday

    I live in Lexington, NC (30 min. south of Greensboro) and our WFMY feed has looked horrible from the NCAA get-go, O.T.A. It (CBS) usually looks great; as great as a 94% signal can produce, anyways. All the other O.T.A channels I get look as good as they ever have. Strange...:confused:
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    MGS4 is terrible

    I agree. This is MY major gripe about KZ2. There is a ton of meaningless, unnecessary foul language. It doesn't offend me...minus "G.D."...but it's so overused, it almost seems like it was put there just for them to say, "See, we cuss in our games.." They leave no stone unturned when it comes to...
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    MGS4 is terrible

    No, I haven't played it. I can't afford to get it or I would, even though I own KZ2. I'd love to, though. I'm sure it's good. I don't put too much into game reviews but a lot of the reviews I read about KZ2 (especially the week-long review on X-Play) say that online play is what really saves...
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    MGS4 is terrible

    (Please pardon my add-on thread hijack.) I own Killzone2 and I'll admit, the controls are a little off, but after I adjusted the L/R sensitivity it feels much better. The only problem, obviously, is I can't turn around quite as fast. In my case, I got better at it, too just by playing it more...