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    Fcc Proposals Could Silence Christian Radio Stations !

    So I guess the consenses here is no simulcasted Christian radio for unserved areas A Christian station utilizes simulcasting as a cost effective way to spread the Gospel through a listener supported platform and people here seem to be slamming their efforts. I happen to have become a Christian...
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    Fcc Proposals Could Silence Christian Radio Stations !

    Concern over intended or unintended consequesces Sorry if my theory came across too strong. This may have been considered somewhere in the mix when Sky Angel was having difficulties maintaining and retaining the satellite platform as a side issue. The present proposals "might" impact radio...
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    Fcc Proposals Could Silence Christian Radio Stations !

    It could call for balenced content and limit channel redistribution I believe it is a product of trying to enforce a fairness doctrine for opposing points of view; relating to conservative talk radio and religious broadcasts. Also trying to break up Monopoly media outlets by reducing the...
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    Fcc Proposals Could Silence Christian Radio Stations !

    More Info This was taken from: Air 1, The Positive Alternative Your Opinion Counts The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) & U.S. Congress wants your opinion regarding proposed rule changes. Comments are due April 28, 2008 Thank you for taking the time to...
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    Fcc Proposals Could Silence Christian Radio Stations !

    Save Christian Radio Save Christian Radio Tell the FCC to keep FREE SPEECH FREE and not to tamper with Christian and religious programming! The FCC is considering rule changes that could force Christian radio stations to either modify their messages or be forced from the air. Although...
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    Directv To Launch Gospel Music Channel On March 19

    DIRECTV TO LAUNCH GOSPEL MUSIC CHANNEL ON MARCH 19 GMA : Industry Newswire Looks like SA IPTV is helping the growth of Christian Channels on Sattelite. I hope Dish will be smart and strike a deal with GMC soon. It is starting to get interesting. I hope there is more to come.
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    New Reseller Website - Sell Sky Angel Site On-Line

    Sell Sky Angel Looks like they are getting closer to launch time. It would make a great valentines gift.
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    Family Package Channels not able to go back 48Hours

    I just read in the IPTV tech support area that the SA IPTV Family Package channels are not able to go back up to 48 hours like the Faith Package channels. SA does not have the rights to air programming in that package outside of the regular scheduled time. That's a bummer.:(
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    more to come... Faith & Family Channels

    I wonder if beta testers have to sign a non-disclosure contract? We may not be hearing about beta testers in real customer homes if they had to sign a contract which makes them unable to disclose any information. If home beta testers disclosed anything negative about the test to the public it...
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    more to come... Faith & Family Channels

    Any speculation on the next possible additions to the channel line up. They still say more to come... What channel would anyone else think would work well for the line-up?
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    NeuLion Box for SA

    It would be great to have other services available through the box. I wonder if it works the other way. Say you have Hawaii TV or NHL can you add Sky Angel. It would be nice to have other options. A local station option provider would be awesome but I don't see that happening. The next best...
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    Sky Angel IPTV Website -

    Anyone notice the top banner Ad on Not only do they sell sky angel they appear to advertise for non-family friendly web sites. Check out the AN Hosting banner ad that they have up now. I could be wrong. Those two girls on the ad may be Sky Angel...
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    Is Dish to offer a religious sub pkg

    SA mixing busness and ministry can't please everyone If all lifetime members gave additional donations on a regular basis to SA I can see a huge reason for their complaints. Also for those who are at a financial disadvantage and bought the lifetime membership because this was an affordable...
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    Is Dish to offer a religious sub pkg

    Christian Television Is On The Radar Now that the new IPTV Sky Angel web site is on the competition for viewers has begun. I think the pay commercial sattelite players will kick it up a notch and now start to pursue the current Sky Angel Customers. Dish Already Has: Angel One...
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    SkyAngel Plans Move to IPTV

    One stop shopping - The line up looks great You may not like the distribution method but the consolidated channel line up looks great. One stop shopping for Christian TV. It's a great television supplement for Christians who have broadband already and never desired to have a Dish. It is A...