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    DirecTV DVR vs Tivo. Differences?

    I believe that there are no differences, D* just go I guess what you would call a volume discount for its subscribers.
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    DirecTV: Free DVRs for Everybody

    So would this be offered to someone who already has a DVR?
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    Existing Contract

    I just added a TIVO last November and signed a one year contract. This weekend I just bought a new TV for upstairs. Will I need to wait until November to get another deal, or do I just need to wait until my contract is up and call them back and see what kind of offer they will make to get me...
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    Software Update 6.2

    I got my update Saturday night.
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    local channel distortion

    Mine does the same thing with the locals. It is really bad when there is a football game on the locals. On the other hand when it is football on ESPN the picture is just fine. Someone had told me it was due to the compression that they use for local broadcast compared to the national broadcast...
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    DVR not calling out

    I did try a force call and got the same message. Will I lose anything that I have recorded if I do a restart?
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    DVR not calling out

    I have a Hughes 35 hour DVR. I got it in November. Last night there was a message that it had not made phone contact in 2 weeks. I disconnected the telephone line and tried it with another phone and there was no problem, so I have already eliminated that as an issue. Do I need to worry about...
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    DSL and TIVO

    Let me see if I understand this. If I get DSL service from the phone company I will have to get a filter for my TIVO to go through? If so, where do I get this filter and how much does it cost?
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    Pixelated picture

    So does that mean that even locals on the 101 would be pixelated?
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    Pixelated picture

    :confused: Since we have gotten our local channels added on the 72.5 satellite, I have noticed that during football games the players seem to be leaving pixel's in their so call wake. What is causing this? I don't notice it on games on ESPN which is from the 101 satellite. Is this an issue with...
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    Recording Question

    If you have a TIVO and set it to tape a live event will it know if the event runs over, or will it just end at the scheduled time?
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    Installation troubles

    The saga continues. Had the missed installation last week and it was rescheduled for tonight. Guess what? Right, no one showed up once again. So I called D* and they transferred me to the call center for the installation service. The woman there informs me that she has tried to call the local...
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    Installation troubles

    Ok this is kind of long, but here it goes. On Tuesday I am at work and find out through the D* site that we now have local channels here. So I call the 800 number and ask about getting the second dish installed and getting a TIVO unit. They tell me that they can have it installed on Wednesday...
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    TIVO Units

    Is there any difference in the TIVO Units? (RCA, Hughes, Samsung) Are they all the same or is one better or perhaps one worse than the others?
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    Any dates for locals in Chattanooga?