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    whole home dvr 199???

    I may be that in his account settings swim is not checked. Generally it gets done by oms when the order is processed that swm equipment is to be used and once the installer closes the ticket the swm check mark on the account gets placed. Problem is with out that checkmark OMS will think that...
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    Remember everyone to crack open a beer to deal with the family but remember dont drink and drive. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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    Moving Fees for Hurricane Sandy Victim! Help

    I will say that this would be something I as in former stonecold supervisor would put the customer on hold call a rentention supervisor, do an attended transfer and get the credit applied. Really I could do it my self but probably would of gotten a slap on the wrist for but retentions they tend...
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    Moving Fees for Hurricane Sandy Victim! Help

    Because you have to had service for at least a 1 year with movers.
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    Tampa Locals

    Yeah you can get all the major networks from 101. Though if you IN tampa generally a pair of rabbit ears is all you need for HD.
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    Are signal boosters available for Direct TV?

    Just pay the 49.99 to have the dish moved. It is cheaper and better solution then anything, anyone can come up with.
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    Do we have anyone like Dirt for DTV?

    I would agree but sadly many failed attempts had gone at deaf ears. I gave up trying I ended up just doing what I could, till the sadest and happiest day of my life.
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    New Service - different county?

    If the "other" county has locals, you can call into support and they can take care of it for you. Just say you just past the county line and that dtv has the wrong county listed. If they go to edit your service address they will be able to change the county if it is a multi county zip /...
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    Grace Period?

    Generally you have a 24 hour grace period, a very few number of states give a 14 day window . Cali might be 30 but dont qoute me on that it been so long since looked at retention policy. Best bet is to call retentions it will tell hem in there retention tool, though any agent can look it up.
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    Nickelodeon HD - Technical Difficulties

    Satellite Germlins, they come from the Kremlin. *name the reference
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    Install Issues - Need Advice

    1. Work it less work to run 1 cable to central location and then install the swtich and from there run all the wires to there rooms. 2. Amount of cabling used 3. At one point we had customers check connections on the switch which would be hard if it one the roof . 4. appearances it your...
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    NFL ST Blackout Fail

    Then the price would go up and up and up some more. As the reason why is that the local providers complain that your not watching local commercials that run during the game costing them money. DTV would have to compensate them for that and like everything else cause them to raise the price...
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    NO HD Locals!

    But I would not sign up till they go live. As those dates have a tendency to get pushed back alot depending on carriage agreements with the local providers
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    Can't pay your bill? TOO BAD!

    Ok this thread getting silly. What is done is done, the whole point is to say hey while you may have to play a little csr roulette dtv pays people to care. There are options and not everyone is cold and heartless. I know that if you asked the D.I.R.T guys over in the Dish forum they would...
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    Can't pay your bill? TOO BAD!

    Whole point of my post it for others who may be in the same situation how they can try and handle it so they dont end up in the same postion as the OP.