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    OTHER Splitter question

    Agreed, termination resistors on unused ports do not reduce signal attenuation on used ports. The loss on each port is fixed whether terminated or not. Also, I may be stating the obvious, do not use a terminator on a power passing port. [emoji54] On powered ports, use a cap without termination.
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    Is my LNB mounted properly? What else could be wrong?

    What is your city and state? The dish appears to be aimed very high. Are you using the elevation scale on the dish mount or measuring the elevation angle a different way? What is the LNBF type? Standard LO 10750 or Universal 9750/10600? Is the receiver's install menu LNB LO set to this...
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    Viasat FTA dish

    Sorry that you took my post as an attack on you. Correct, I know absolutely nothing about the Orbital Tracker LNBF and as an experience user, your testing would indicate that the LNBF is worth giving a try! My forward thinking quickly identified BS in the seller's claim. Makes no matter if a...
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    Viasat FTA dish

    I no longer sell KU LNBFs, but usually recommend the Maverick or Geosatpro SL1. My observation about the listing claims was not intended to be a personal attack on you. This LNBF may be good, but the seller's description makes it appear like they either are clueless or full of marketing BS. A...
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    C-Band NPRM

    Here is a link to the NPRM install at the Ti shop. Added three safety chains tied into the rafters to minimize the chance of a fly-away, but it has never shifted even in heavy winds. Five years later and still tracking the arc...
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    Viasat FTA dish

    LOL... Wow, the LNBF is so good that it made the picture look better!!!! That is amazing! Guess I have been using the wrong LNBFs. LOL!!!
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    Eutelsat 8 West B

    As we live on a globe (not a flat earther), the maximum look angle to satellites in the geosynchronous arc is approx 140 degrees (-70 through +70). USALS calculations often only provide 120 degree coverage of the arc and the ends of the arc require DiSEqC 1.2 for the final 10 degrees on each.
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    ses 1 signal

    Typically, reception problems on the Weigel channels are related to the receiver and not the dish or LNB. The issue is with the 4MHz spacing and using same SID. This has often been a problem with ALI chipsets.
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    New Edision Mio+ Owner

    And the Blind Scan time when you changed the scan type from FTA to All?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Latest osmio4k issues

    El Bandido is the author of the TNAP image and a member of LegitFTA. He has opted to release the files through LegitFTA and it makes sense to me to only have a single distribution point. Public release of the TNAP v.2 for the OS Mio 4k should be posted within a week.
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    OS Mio 4K newbie questions

    I recall seeing operation and standby settings for the display. Will post next Monday if still needed. We are out of the state for Thanksgiving holiday.
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    Thank you Randy! Hope that you have every thing operating smoothly and enjoying the hobby!
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    Latest osmio4k issues

    STB firmware is not allowed to be posted on SatelliteGuys. Best to figure out the access issues with legitFTA. Looks like your browser or ISP.
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    Latest osmio4k issues

    I'm working with AVL on some tuner enhancements for the Mio/Mio+. Edision has been working with AVL on a driver improvement for the Mio/Mio+. AVL tuners have always been closed source code, but it is the premier tuner for FTA and they historically work with manufacturers and STB developers. I...