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    Hispasat 30W-6 launch

    SpaceX launch 9 hours ago from this posting,
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    Request advice to take down our 1982 Paraclipse

    I'd walk a mile for a Paraclipse. Would drive a hundred.
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    Mainly C-band, and even in heavy rain.
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    GEOSATpro Micro HD Won't Record By Timer?

    I got fed up trying to use a powered external drive with the MicroHD. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't work. I've had zero problems using this, coupled with this...
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    Galaxy 19

    But who?
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    Intelsat 34 (55.5W) launched

    Thanks. Still pursuing FTA, thought I might try a small addition before winter set in. Snow here last night.
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    Intelsat 34 (55.5W) launched

    Good to know. My 10 footer cannot see that part of the sky, and I have a spare 6 footer. Which will now stay in my basement. Thank you !
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    Intelsat 34 (55.5W) launched

    Is there a channel ATV HD from Peru on this bird? Do you think a 6 foot dish here in Wisconsin can reliably pick this up?
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    10' Kaul-tronic (KTI) Mesh Dish

    I once believed there were no KTI buttonhooks, but then member Bongu wrote: "I have a 10 footer that will disagree with you. It is in my "attic" storage. It has a label on it "Nova by KTI", and it is definitely a buttonhook. Picked it up in N. Illinois earlier this year."
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    Introducing Amiko A3

    Not making hay, but am wondering why USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 ?
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    Introducing Amiko A3

    For me it likely is soon as June...
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    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    $50 - mesh dish - Long Beach, CA
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    The New Upcoming Amiko Android Based STB Discussion Thread

    You should try Iron, it's Chrome stripped of its evilness, haha.