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    Could I be under contract with Radio Shack?

    I don't have the original paperwork from when I got my disk installed. I have had it since May 2004 and all of a sudden my apartment complex is giving me grief over it. I was under the impression that I was under a two year contract with Dish but found out that I wasn't. The lady told me to...
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    Considering a plasma, will I have to change my 522?

    Thanks a lot everyone for your response and yes I have been hearing that I shouldn't get a plasma and am looking into lcd. No matter what, by this christmas or who knows maybe by labor day I will have a new tv. I think I will hold off on switching the receiver for now though.
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    Considering a plasma, will I have to change my 522?

    Ok I'm sorry, last question. Will the 522 look that bad on a hdtv or will I absolutely have to change receivers immedately to justify buying a new tv? Anyone run the 522 with a hd? Thanks for your responses.
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    Considering a plasma, will I have to change my 522?

    Do they have dual HD tuners with DVR or will I have to get two different receivers? Will they have to change anything else, is it as simply as swapping the box?
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    Considering a plasma, will I have to change my 522?

    I am really looking into getting a HDTV plasma but I am curious if I will have to change anything with my 522 hookup? Will the 522 work with it or will I have to change receivers?
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    Duplicate timer workaround?

    This gd thing is going to make me toss it out the window. Why do they insist on not letting us record something twice? Most of the time they are quite wrong. I'm trying to tape the British Open in the morning on tnt and right after that on abc. It won't let me insisting it's a duplicate timer...
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    Buckle up! L2.50 to spool for 522 and 625 on June 29

    Being able to edit timers without deleting them and starting over and no more of the 1 and 3 minute padding sounds good to me. Double the audio drops you know will accompany this doesn't.
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    New TO DVR. Why Do you have to pay a fee?

    To piggy back on this thread a little, why do you have to pay a fee if your phone line isn't connected to the receiver? The only thing I see it is used for is paying your bill on your receiver, other than that everything is downloaded via satelite.
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    522 L2.36 Release Notes

    I have an easier solution, make every timer automatically not have the 4 minute cushion and if you want to add it yourself then you do. It seems to me that most people have no use for it. How many of us have went into menu hell to delete a timer and then re program it without the cushion. This...
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    First 2.36 Bug!

    I never knew you could do that to bring up the system screen. I'm scared to try it now though. This may be another bug: When I go to watch tv I usually hit the power button on the remote for the receiver first then turn on the tv. I notice for some odd reason that doesn't work anymore. I...
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    522 L2.36 Release Notes

    No and it incenses me. You are actually trapped in that screen, the view tv doesn't even work. So you have to wait til that check switch is done before you get out of it. You can actually go to the next page in that info screen but if I'm not mistaken every screen starts a new check switch test.
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    522-All my timers Say 'No Info Available'

    Thanks a lot, that did the trick.
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    522-All my timers Say 'No Info Available'

    Although they are recording when I go to look at my timers they all say no info available but it's in the slot where I want somethng to record. It's recording and labelling the programs correctly but I just have to guess what's going to record. Also when I try to look ahead to see what's coming...
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    522 now at L2.35

    Do you know what it does?
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    522- where to send patch HELP/requests??

    Actually the dvr doesn't adjust when you have back to back recordings. At least mine doesn't. If I don't take away that padding it causes havoc. And at least 7-10 times I hit "all" when I wanted to hit once and had to go through the whole menu hell of deleting the timer. Why "all" is the first...