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    signal quality questions

    setting up one of my receivers to my BUD blind scanning my KU Birds once all is scanned and channels are downloaded I am always getting a few channels that the signal quality is jumping from 10 to 99% as it wont lock on I say this is happening for about 5% of my channels the rest come in...
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    where to save 50% or more on sat signal finder batteries and discussion on finders who likes what

    I just about gave up looking for a battery for my SF 3000E as I saw them going online for close to $100 one for $60 and my Birddog Battery I thought was rather high when I bought it So Today I figure I would take the SF3000 Battery to Battery Depot and they made one for me while I waited...
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    two versions K2HD Panther???

    Here is something odd I have my 8ft primefocus dish with the Corotor Kbox K2 HD simple as can be DVB S2 no problems at all even after all these mixed reviews . I could not figure out whats what, why so many saying it wont do DVB S2 when in fact I had no problems So I took the receiver up to my...
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    two versions K2HD Panther???

    picked them right up Did Blind scan and sure enough picked up on all dvb s2
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    two versions K2HD Panther???

    I have a post about a KBox K2 Black Panther I bought and just received it it says K2 HD Panther In my last post I was told it was a hack box, did not have blind scan and not much good to be said about it I havent hooked it up yet as its been storming and still have adjustments to my C band...
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    ? about Kbox K2 Panther

    Just researching this receiver it does have a Blind scan and they are called the K2 extreme panther selling online for $329 doesnt look like it was made as a Hack receiver but does have IKS serial dongle for key sharing so not sure it is a HD receiver which seems to be a Turbo Charged Prodigy...
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    ? about Kbox K2 Panther

    I just bought a Brand new KBox K2 Black Panther a women on Ebay just put it up with a Best offer so I offered her $80 and she accepted it, Its listed as new never opened, but it looks she doesnt sell much FTA equipment , so she couldnt answer any questions accept its new never opened Does...
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    What Sat am I on

    Thanks ahead of time I took one of my 8 foot dishes down and set it up on my other farm a few miles away I got my signal locked as it was at the old farm but forgot what sat It was on before taking her off the pole thought it was W5 but not sure now IM on C band right now getting Soap west...
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    Captiveworks CW 3000?

    I have a captive works CW 3000 REV 1 Media center and I love it but its not for beginners as FTA has been a Hobby of mine since the late 1980s and a computer geek of sorts I guess one could call me. dislike windows always did I have always stuck with Unix based systems and apple and Linux...
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    8 ft prime focus move some questions

    thanks Thanks The dish is movable and when i took it down I took nothing apart but to take the actuator off The dish is only a year old bought it boxed off a dealer that went out of business its a 8 ft Unimesh, when checking the pole today for it being level Its just about dead on the off...
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    8 ft prime focus move some questions

    I just moved one of my Prime focus dishes from my one farm to another It was set on W5 before I took her down marked everything so set up would be easier The move of the new Dish is about 8 miles south west from its old location I just put the dish up after waiting for the pole to set the...
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    National ADL ?

    thanks That would be sweet but the Ortho run around $450 havent been able to find one used, over the last couple decades I have collected so much and this ADL I cant remember where i got it forgot i had it I have used similar ADL and they are great but such a hassle to get them set up...
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    National ADL ?

    I just came across some feedhorns I have had stashed in the barn the one I have a question about is the National ADL as its Brand new never been opened till now Its rather different it has the set scaler ring which cant be adjusted as many of them did inside the scaler ring there is the C...
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    New FTA receivers Ploarity

    Is there any new FTA receiver that has the hook up for V/H polarity on the back I have a old pansat 3500 that has them as the 2500 pansat had them I use Corotors feed horn and want a receiver with the wire hook ups on the back for the servo motor Does the new Pansats still have them or any...
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    Whats new with FTA since 4DTV is going down

    I have two farms and at the one farm I have my kids set up with a 10ft Bud using the 4DTV receiver I hear now only W5 will be only left I just now set my pole here on this farm for my 8 FT BUD which the dish is all set just have to put her on the pole get my W5 aimed and my Clark Belt...