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    Going Green and Saving the environment

    got my electric bill for January, figured that I would share: 01/27/2010 30 days Actual 159 kwh's $27.31 :) last year was 423 kwh's
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    Going Green and Saving the environment

    I am also leaning towards LED, it seems that the newer LED's are getting more lumens/watt so a 4 watt LED equal a 40 watt halogen bulb (as long as you can take a 5000K light color), gonna try one to see how it is.
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    Going Green and Saving the environment

    To continue what I began writing: You really need to reduce your consumption of electricity before you purchase a Photo-voltaic array or it will cost you a fortune to purchase it to cover the amount that you use. Reduction is not that difficult, all those little things you plug in consume...
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    Going Green and Saving the environment

    In the past year and a half, I have reduced my electrical usage dramatically. I started using a kill-a-watt meter and it did basic measurements that showed what devices are using for electricity. But after about 7 months I wanted to take a much bigger step in my reduction and then purchased a...
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    European SAT in North America??

    No, beyond our LOS here in North America
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    concrete base question

    don't forget if you set the rebar into the rock, use an injection epoxy to set them in to it. IMO though, I did not mix my own concrete, I had a truck come out and mix on site. He set it to just over a 5000 lb mix, best $230 I spent IMO, a very consistent mix that you can trust.
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    Viewsat Max HD

    No it did not do S2, got an Azbox Elite and happy with it, S2 and 4:2:2 and waiting on Blindscan but not holding my breath...
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    Signal Quality 90% but Signal strenght 40% what does that means?

    Either a bad connection on a cable, bad disecQ , water in the cable, a bad spliiter on the cable, too long of a cable. But it is with the cable
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    Time to retire an old friend

    I have a neighbor that was doing some trimming of some trees and they were upset that I did not inform them that one tree was still in my way, some neighbors are nice others are ......
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    what satellite am i on?

    GET a chainsaw! :)
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    Contest: Enter to Win a Mini BUD from Satellite AV

    My favorite summer activity was playing baseball in a sandlot, we played it from early morning till dusk. It was almost a daily thing.
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    Whats the Furthest East Sat you can Hit?

    I will try to get to it this weekend. I have not been at 12.5 in a long time, hopefully leaves do not hinder it right now. Jim
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    ATSC tuner in Satellite Receiver

    The Sonicview SV8000HD definitely has an ATSC tuner
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    Cal Amp mini mag

    I have one that I inherited when I got my dish, never gave me a problem