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    More findings to make you jealous!! Birdview!

    My pole was custom made of very thick walled steel, there are pictures on this forum somewhere that I believe Linuxman uploaded quite a few years back, I am using a tablet and it is not easy to find the link or I would post it here. My biggest problem with the Birdview was many of the signals I...
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    URC made great universal remotes for C-band receiver users, some of the older ones had custom buttons for VC functions. I have a couple of their higher end remotes and the programming software still has lots of old C-band receivers in it, even Birdviews. Harmony remotes might have codes but I...
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    More findings to make you jealous!! Birdview!

    A Birdview on a 25' pole? I would not even want to try and guess how much the pole it is on weighs, my two piece pole weighed about 450 lbs. If I am remembering correctly.
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    More findings to make you jealous!! Birdview!

    I had an 8.5' solid and thought it was undersized for many C-band feeds, my 10' mesh outperformed my Birdview as long as it was not too windy. I live in California so maybe I was not getting as much signal as the middle of the country. The Birdview mount was excellent for stability and...
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    Which signal meter should I upgrade to? Only have an analog one.

    I have the Sathero 200 also, it works really well except on the signals I need it most for. I think I will look into that Sathero 300HD.
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    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    I know what you mean buy a dark sky site, I live in the desert with slow internet but unfortunately for me my house still has lots of light pollution, I can see color on a moonless night. I can see a very faint milky way here. My brother has three houses with great conditions, one back in a...
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    83W on 90CM KU dish?

    A 90cm dish is awfully small, I played around with a C-band LNB on a 1.2 meter dish and got pretty good signal strength on some channels but it would not be good for most of the stuff up there.
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    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    I would like a SATA connector inside the receiver, recording to USB drives is OK but if I were designing the receiver it would have internal storage drive capability.
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    Raspberri Pi and Outernet

    I see Syed just posted a couple hours ago that they are going to give up on the Ku feeds, said nobody wanted to setup a dish so it wasn't commercially viable. I guess that is why they are blowing out the stock of those HDStar receivers so cheaply. They have the L-band parts available on Amazon.
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    Raspberri Pi and Outernet

    I know that Outernet shutdown the Ku feed on 113w due to poor sales of the Lighthouse in Latin American, the 97w data feed was out for awhile but it is back up last I checked. I don't know if they intend to drop all Ku band service, if they do the data stream being sent will drop from about 1Gb...
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    Raspberri Pi and Outernet

    Where did you see they were going switch from Ku to L-band? I thought they were planning to do both. Also you can buy the HDStar USB receiver for your Pi on Amazon for less than $20. The Outernet signal is still up on G19.
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    Great Article on Outernet Reception

    Saw the Reddit AMA the other day on the outernet so I decided to start my Outernet Raspberry Pi up again, I see they are sending data faster now. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Brought home a Birdview today

    I enlarged the scaler hole with a cheap sanding drum I got from Harbor Freight, I was missing a couple of the scaler support rods and used hollow tubing with a short piece of all thread pinned in each end. There are some pictures of my dish on this forum somewhere posted by I believe Linuxman...
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    Coach Tarkanian Passes

    I remember going to watch the games at Cal State Fullerton when UNLV came to town, coach Tarkanian always brought an awesome team that could beat any team in the country on most nights. He was a great coach. R.I. P. Coach Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Hispasat testing 4K broadcasts to North and Central America

    I have used my 1.2m dish and TBS6925 to receive the feeds, I really like that Sigma Designs is working on a receiver, there hardware has always been great. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!