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    SWM Power

    Ah i see. So I should put the power inserter device on another H24 that will not be moved from room to room.
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    SWM Power

    I have an HR34 a HR24 and three H24 HD recievers. My SWM is mounted outside next to the Dish. It seems the SWM gets power from one of the H24's. Cause if i unplug the H24 that is in my daughters room, i loose reception for the entire house, and it gives and error stating that the SWM has lost...
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    Multi room problem

    So i have a "Whole Home DVR" in the family room as well as another DVR in my bedroom. When i call up the "List" in the room with the "Whole Home DVR"it does not show the programs that are recorded on the other DVR. How can this be? When it was first installed, i saw all the programs in each room?
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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    August 16, 2012 10AM Eastern
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    NBC To Offer Unprecedented 242 Hour 2012 - 3D Olympics Coverage

    They are now talking about showing some events "live." However, I wonder if that will only be in the UK? The partnership will produce the first HD 3D live broadcast in Olympic history, and will allow audiences around the globe to witness the world’s greatest sporting event in immersive 3D...
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    Directtv 3D compatible TV's

    Yes, my TV worked fine. The format is Side-by-Side.
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    Trying to sign up for Directv... Is it always this hard?

    I recently signed up for DTV and when signing up by phone, the next availible appt was over a week farther out than when signing up online. Install happened yesterday. I told the guy i would not let him leave until I could see 3D on my TV. He said he had never seen 3D work. Fortunately it...
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    Quit Dish and Now have Direct TV Yahoo!

    I quit Dish for three reasons. 1. No more AMC. 2. No 3D 3. Cant record enought shows at the same time. I got it installed yesterday and it seems great so far. Got to watch a bit of the Winter X-Games in 3D last night. I have one HR34 One HR24 and three H24's. Kids are upset about the...
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    If Dish drops AMC, will you drop dish??

    I am leaving AMC for three main reasons. 1. No more AMC 2. No 3D ( I want to see olympics in 3D) 3. I want to be able to record 3 shows at once. (dont like the hopper)
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    Directtv 3D compatible TV's

    Ok. Side by side. I need to check if my TV does that, but i think that was one of the formats it could convert. I cant wait to watch the Olympics in 3D! I am bummed i am missing Wimbledon in 3D.
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    Directtv 3D compatible TV's

    What 3D format does the DirectTv receiver output? My TV is not listed as compatible, but I fint that hard to believe.
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    So i am switching from Dish to DirectTV. 1. Because of AMC. 2. I want to be able to record more than 2 shows at once. 3. I want 3D content. Anyway, does the HMC have 3D capability? Also i have 5 tv's in my house. Can the HMC work with 5tv's?