Multi room problem

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Jul 3, 2012
SF Bay area
So i have a "Whole Home DVR" in the family room as well as another DVR in my bedroom. When i call up the "List" in the room with the "Whole Home DVR"it does not show the programs that are recorded on the other DVR. How can this be? When it was first installed, i saw all the programs in each room?


SatelliteGuys Family
Apr 7, 2008
Bethpage, NY
Hello Winston2000,

You need to check the status of both DVR's. Check the Network status. Grab your remote and press Menu. Go down to Settings & Help and press Select. Go to Settings and press Select. Go to Info & Test and press Select. Go to More System Info and press Select. Go to the selection marked Network and ends just above Features. If this is good then click on OK. If will take you back to Info & Test. Go to Whole-Home and press Select. Go to Status and press Select. If you do not see the other DVR then press Back until you are back at Whole-Home. Go to Reset and then select Restart Receiver. Press the Select button and then you are given a choice to press the Dash button or Back button to cancel. It should bring back the other DVR into the Whole-home Status. Check the second DVR to see if it is OK. This normally works but if not then you will have to try a Red Button Reset (RBR). If this does not work then come back to this thread and someone will assist you. :)
Please reply by conversation.