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    Audio but no video?

    I'll swap the switch out the next time i'm out there (tomorrow I think). Any other ideas?
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    Audio but no video?

    We have a customer that is having issues with her Glorystar system. Dish is peaked, signal and quality are good (one LNB is dead and being replaced shortly, more in a minute). She called us and said she had audio but the video wasn't showing up. On arrival, the AMC4 channels had perfect audio...
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    No signal on 99 or 103 and no HD

    Dumb Question... If it was a slimline 3 w/swm (one line to receiver, splitters used to get to multiple tvs) you should not need the BBC. If it was a regular slimline 3 (multiple lines to dvr's, one to regular, all lines from a switch or the dish itself) then you do need the BBC. You said...
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    Confused Newbie to the site...

    If I am not mistaken... You are going to run into a problem. The receivers you have are not Dish Pro compatable. That means you have 3 options. (1) Swap your LNB for a Dish Pro LNB (Dish 500?), add a DP34 switch, and add 3 new receivers. Good news is that you only need 2 lines from the...
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    What will you do when Sky Angel DBS ends?

    There is also Glorystar. They are free to air. Equipment is $199.00 plus installation, programing is no charge. They have 40 Channels weather it's quality "Christian" programming depends on biblical knowledge.
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    More than one UHF remote on a 322?

    Reply for consistancy... I already answered him over at Anandtech but I'll post it here as well in case someone needs it:D Edit: Disregard all of the below, I misunderstood what you were trying to do, what you want to do is a piece of cake. Pickup another TV2 remote off ebay, Go to the...
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    Need Advice: Installers coming BACK!

    If you are... In NYC as it appears, you should have a single LNB dish outside (1 "eye"). You should be running high 80's, Low 90's if it is pointed correctly (you may actually end up high 90's depending on). That being said, the TWC cable is not likely your problem (at least the cable...
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    What would cause transponder to go like 0-80-0

    Check... The output of the receiver and make sure it is outputing voltage when it's checking transponders. My guess would be input 2 isn't outputting 18v, just 13v based on you not getting anything on the 110. If that is the case, time for a new receiver. If it is putting out 18v (as well as...
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    Two TVs on One Dish? Help!

    If... It is just 2 receivers, you should be able to run both directly off of the dish, Based on the statement that you are not getting Sat B/C I assume that you have a PhaseIII which would mean you want to run a line straight from the second receiver to the LNB (there will be 4 outputs, doesn't...
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    Getting AT9, HR20, Zinwell WB68 - Have questions

    Ok... I'm a little confused:D Unless you need more than 8 outputs (since your adding the DVR) you would just swap the 68 in place of the old MS, The other non HD/MPEG4 will see the 5-LNB as a PhaseIII. Now if you need more than the 8 outputs, run 4 lines from the 68 into the old MS and you...
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    How would this be wired? Can you backfeed with D* on same cable?

    And... The answer would be a set of diplexors, run a new line from the livingroom to the bedroom or to run a 3rd line from the dish to the receiver, either way you will want to run a second line from the dish to the living room. So basically you would have 1 line straight from the dish to...
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    AT9 Lnb zone setting question

    Whichever One has the best signal:D Seriously:D WTT
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    Make sure... You set the MTU to manual rather than auto. If you don't it will stop working on occasion:( Other than that I have about 100 of the WRT54G's out there with no problems:D WTT
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    Wild blue VS Hughes net

    Well... You can get some info from here (although it is pretty biased both ways:D ) Personal opinion is if you want decent internet at a decent price and you can get a good install WB is the way to go. If you are looking for a business class system, go Hughesnet:D But I am sure there will...
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    Satellite finder recomendation please?

    Yup... OPI is the cheapest accurate way ($80 if I remember right), Birdog + Opi = easiest and best but expensive ($80 + $400, Birdog to peak out signal, OPI if necessary to peak cross-pol). To use the opi, you would set up the system normally with the OPI in the receive line, hook up the...