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  1. Richfunb

    Just posted a thread and I keep getting this message

    I posted a thread concerning Nexstar and NFL Folotball about 3 hours ago. It showed briefly on the Directv General Forum and the disappeared.
  2. Richfunb

    Do you wear glasses or contacts or don't you?

    I am severely nearsighted with my uncorrected vision about 20/500. In addition, I have an eye condition called Kerataconus in my right eye which means the cornea covering the eye comes to a cone shaped point rather than being curved. I have had 4 cornea transplants over the years from deceased...
  3. Richfunb

    Australian Football League

    I've watched many live "Footy" matches during my numerous trips to Australia and have subscribed to the Watch AFL streaming package for the past 5 years. It costs approximately $130 (US) per year and is worth it for dedicated fans. I do see that FS1 and FS2 are showing more matches than previous...
  4. Richfunb

    Sports Pack and MLB Extra Innings added no cost - but now you don't get them

    What we are saying is that 719.1 (D*Sat) shows the "You are authorized - enjoy the season" mesage during the free preview, but then reverts to you not being authorized after the free preview. A viewer might assume that they were getting the programming for free based on the original message.
  5. Richfunb

    Sports Pack and MLB Extra Innings added no cost - but now you don't get them

    The same thing happens to me every time a new sports season begins such as MLB Baseball, Sunday Ticket Football, Hockey, etc. DirecTV usually has a free preview for a few days to encourage subscriptions and during that free preview, I receive a message on a channel saying "You are all set to...
  6. Richfunb

    Thinking of going from DTV to DTV Stream...questions

    DaveKL69 asked the question about switching from regular DIRECTV to Stream without penalty. Any answers??
  7. Richfunb

    Genie Problem?

    I have not rebooted. I'm new to the Mini and didn't even notice the red button. I'll give reboot a try - thanks.
  8. Richfunb

    Genie Problem?

    It does only happen through the Client. The same recording through the HR44-200 is fine.
  9. Richfunb

    Genie Problem?

    It's when watching a recording through the small Mini Receiver. It just happened again a few minutes ago.
  10. Richfunb

    Genie Problem?

    Two weeks ago, I replaced an old HR24 with a Genie Mini and linked it to my existing HR44-200. All was good for the first week but now a problem has developed while watching recordings on the Genie. The recording will suddenly stop and a screen will be displayed which reads "DirecTV is waiting...
  11. Richfunb

    ESPN +

    I stream ESPN+ solely for college basketball. Some games from the Big 10 (Kansas, Texas, Baylor) and many other conferences are only on ESPN+, nowhere else. After the basketball season ends, I'll drop it until next fall..
  12. Richfunb

    HR44 and HR54 Together

    I have an HR44 as the main receiver so replacing the HR24 with a Genie is okay. The instructions to return the HR24 said it should go to a recycling location, not back to DIRECTV. The instructions also said to go to that website to print out a pre-addressed label and then take the package to a...
  13. Richfunb

    HR44 and HR54 Together

    As a follow up to my original post, I did receive the Genie Client in the mail along with instructions to go to the website for a shipping label to recycle the old HR24. However, when I went to that website I received the following Privacy Warning from Google Chrome. I think I'll...
  14. Richfunb

    HR44 and HR54 Together

    I'm a long time customer with HR44-200 and HR 24-500 receivers. The HR24 is probably 20 years old and now can only be turned on with a red button reset. Five days ago, I called DIRECTV Customer Service and after explaining the problem, the CSR said they would send me a Genie Client to replace...
  15. Richfunb

    Stadium Sports

    I noticed 3 new sports channels listed in the guide: Stadium College Sports Atlantic (608), Stadium College Sports Central (608-1), and Stadium College Sports Pacific (608-2). I may have missed it but I don't recall any announcement from DirecTV regarding Stadium Sports. I've watched these...
  16. Richfunb

    Please be forewarned: Lost my east and west coast feed channels due to customers support lack of knowledge.

    I also have the East and West Coast feeds and appreciate your warning about losing them due to a package change. My own issue with DirecTV Customer No-Service occurred on February 15 when I spoke to Lynn and requested that she delete MLB Extra Innings from my account. She assured me that this...
  17. Richfunb

    News Press and Gazette Dispute

    Hear we go again. News Press and Gazette, owner of 18 stations, is running a crawl at the bottom of the screen stating that it has been negotiating with DirecTV since September and has set a deadline for a new carriage contract for next Monday, December 16. NPG and DirecTV had a similar dispute...
  18. Richfunb

    Refund For Dropped Channels?

    Just checking before I call DirecTV, has anyone had success in requesting a refund for channels that have been dropped? I haven't had Altitude Sports Network for almost a month and DirecTV is facing a month end contract deadline with ESPN and the Sinclair Stations. I also was without 2 Nexstar...
  19. Richfunb

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    My Regional Sports Fee in Colorado is $8.49 per month for 2 RSNs, Altitude Network and AT&T Sportsnet Rocky Mountain. Since AT&T owns DirecTV, I suppose it is possible that their negotiating tactic might be to force Altitude out of business and then sign up the local sports teams to their...
  20. Richfunb

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    An interesting renewal battle is taking place in Colorado. One of our regional sports networks, Altitude Sports (channel 681) has been dropped by DirecTV, Comcast, and Dish Network, all today (Saturday). The story is that all 3 contracts were up and Altitude offered to renew them at the same fee...
  21. Richfunb

    AT&T Adds Locast App to DirecTV, Uverse

    Not sure if others have seen this but the networks have sued to stop Locast, just as they did to stop Aereo. See this news announcement: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are suing free TV streaming app Locast
  22. Richfunb

    DNS service with waiver?

    If you are currently receiving locals, the local stations will not allow a wavier. DirecTV will also not allow it. Sorry but almost no one gets DNS any more.
  23. Richfunb

    here we go again, DirecTv/AT&T about to enter yet another local channel dispute, this time, with CBS

    I agree with the comment about the Dish Network approach. I have quite a few recordings scheduled for my DNS CBS channels 390 and 391 and when DTV replaced New York and Los Angeles with Washington and San Diego, my recordings still took place as scheduled. The substitute channels approach...
  24. Richfunb

    here we go again, DirecTv/AT&T about to enter yet another local channel dispute, this time, with CBS

    DTV just switched the CBS Distant Networks to Washington in the East and San Diego in the West from New York and Los Angeles.
  25. Richfunb

    here we go again, DirecTv/AT&T about to enter yet another local channel dispute, this time, with CBS

    I got a wavier for both East and West DNS back in 1996 when DTV was just getting started. Since then I moved to Colorado and now also get their local networks. So with 3 CBS, 3 NBC, and 3 Fox stations, I have no need for Sunday Ticket. I get most of the games without paying - especially my 2...