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  1. Gojira69

    What is the future of America's cities?

    Thank you for the compliment. I used to hear people say that quite a bit when I was a kid but I ended up going in another direction. Though the writing style of this piece is like the short story genre to which you refer, this is in fact a non-fiction recount of what happened to me last...
  2. Gojira69

    What is the future of America's cities?

    This is where it started... we all found out that our government was no more. The government of the United States of America was gone, completely gone. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the world's oldest constitutional government had finally gone the way of so many other regimes before...
  3. Gojira69

    Will DTV ever pick-up B-Mania?

    A couple days ago I got a phone call from DTV. I took their satisfaction survey. I gave them a pretty high rating mainly due to the dTiVo service. I took the opportunity during the conversation to plug the B-Mania Network to the caller, not just when she solicited me for "suggestions". The...
  4. Gojira69

    I'm almost ready to plunge into DirectTivo

    Anyone know if the DirectTivo has the ability to off-load programs in digital format? The one I saw at Best Buy had 2 USB ports on the back. But what are they for? I've never owned a PVR, but will; I just want to know what I'm getting into. Someone told me about how easy it was to off-load...
  5. Gojira69

    Replicating my E* setup?

    Anyone know the new link to the Dell promo?
  6. Gojira69

    DirectTV Tivo Promo Question

    Maybe you've seen it. DTV is offering a 35-hour Tivo DVR for $100 and $5 a month. They ship the Philips DC7000 Digital TV Recorder or a clone of it. Be3fore I take the plunge, can anyone tell me if I can make off-load recorded shows form this DVR in the digital format? I did not see a Cat-5...
  7. Gojira69

    Can I use my DTV Dish to get other stuff?

    okay, so I think a 3100/5800 or a 6000 is a reference to a receiver? Where do I get one and are they expensive? Can you direct me to a thread that perhaps already explained how to do this?
  8. Gojira69

    Can I use my DTV Dish to get other stuff?

    What's not to like? The Scream Channel is airing episodes of Boris Karloff's Thriller!
  9. Gojira69

    Can I use my DTV Dish to get other stuff?

    I am not up on satellite users' terminology. What is an "3100/5800 or a 6000"?
  10. Gojira69

    I want my B-Movie TV!

    I wnt to their website and found nothing on today's schedule that was remotely b-ish. Strange for a channel that shows "mostly" B-movies.
  11. Gojira69

    I want my B-Movie TV!

    And what prey tell is HDNet Movies?
  12. Gojira69

    Can I use my DTV Dish to get other stuff?

    There are some cool channels only available in Canada. Can I reposition my DirectTV dish and pick them up? I would love to see these.
  13. Gojira69

    I love DirectTV, there's one thing I need tho...

    I take it we're mostly all DirectTV users in this forum. I just started getting DirectTV in June after being cabled since the late 60's. I am so GLAD I switched! But there's one thing I'm missing that would properly round out this whole picture for me, I need a little trash TV. Now I use...
  14. Gojira69

    I want my B-Movie TV!

    Have you noticed Network, local and cable TV channels have greatly cut back on B-Movie programming? I have. I was a Bob Wilkins fan from way back. Later, TNTs MonsterVision and USAs UpAllNight helped greatly, but now they are gone too. No, I don't want to see "The Titanic", I'd rather see...
  15. Gojira69

    Monsters-HD: Movies Reviews

    Hello, I am new to the SatelliteGuys as of today. If I don't get Voom I'll go nuts reading all your posts about Monsters. Can anyone guide me to the thread where it tells me what getting Voom entails? Thanks,