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  1. FaxMan

    Possible workaround to * key display format bug on 921

    I found the same thing last night. You beat me to it.
  2. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    I can't say that I blame you. If I were in the same situation I would also. Only in O&O markets. Unfortunately, that leaves a pretty large percentage of us out.
  3. FaxMan

    MonsterPower and the DVR 921

    I have a Monster HTS-1000. When I try to run through the cable and sat my 921 doesn't get a signal. I've tried it a couple of times. Searching for the Panamax now :o
  4. FaxMan

    What on earth is Dish thinking of ?

    Motives/Priorities? I wonder if they have been and/or will be intentionally avoiding adding more HD channels in order to keep the number of HD subscribers low so there will be less pain when the MPEG4 transition occurs. :confused: The 'We don't have transponder space currently' doesn't...
  5. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    I'm waiting to get more input as to the lineup to include in the poll. Once the poll is created, it is pretty well stuck. I'm trying to minimize the 'why didn't you include' and 'why did you include' comments. If you all agree that the list on the initial post is good enough, I'll go...
  6. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    So are you saying that encore, ESPN2, and TheMovieChannel should not be on the poll?
  7. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    Does everybody agree that Network HD feeds are the number 1 priority? If so, lets make that a given. The poll -when created- will then try to identify the next most desired HD channels. Channels that could be made available to anybody without legal restrictions.
  8. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    hpman, Can you go through your list and indicate which are available now, projected launch dates for those that are in the works, and those that are speculative? Thanks...
  9. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    I think the carriage O&O networks in HD is a great issue, but perhaps one for a different thread and/or lobbying and/or fact-finding activity. I'm not trying to minimize it. Starz-HD is on the list. Let's try to focus on getting this list in the first thread as comprehensive and accurate...
  10. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    Did I hear/read somewhere that there is or is going to be a Bravo-HD?
  11. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    Hmmm... This may be more complicated that I first thought. Using the theory that Charlie was sitting there with an open transponder and giving us the choice, I figure we'd have to narrow down to channels that are either broadcasting now or will be within the next couple of months. I don't...
  12. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    NightRyder, Although I agree with you 1000% and I can only get NBC and a little CBS OTA, with the legal restrictions and the noose that the broadcasters have, I was hoping not to include the networks since with the exception of O&O markets, it can't be done even if Charlie wanted to. That...
  13. FaxMan

    HD Poll (initial research)

    As discussed in various places in this forum, clearly, we want more HDTV. Some folks want more sports, some folks want more movies, some folks want stuff that doesn't even exist yet. I the spirit of this forum, I'd like to create a poll that might provide information to E* regarding at...
  14. FaxMan

    What are our goals/objectives?

    jsanders, don't forget to add to the list: "We'll be the leader in HD" That was the promise that made me sign up with E* in the first place. The others have strung me along into staying.
  15. FaxMan

    We Want More Hd, Charlie!!!!

    Compelling Content We've seen lots of folks expound on their favorite HD Channel that E* should add. I'm wondering if there might be any value to creating a Poll that listed all available HD channels and allowed the members to vote for two or three. Perhaps either some consensus would...
  16. FaxMan

    FLASH: No Name Based Recording on 921, 721, 501, 508, 510

    Other Promises Made/Promises Broken What about the other Promises Made/Promises Broken? 'Dish will be the leader in HD' (promise) 'No compelling Content' (broken) I bet there are quite a few folks here that might not agree on exaclty which are 'compelling' but I'll bet quite a number of...
  17. FaxMan

    Dish Network 811 HD Receiver for Sale

    Bump... I never got around to selling this in April. I know they are worth less now. (well maybe not less than rolltide suggested unless you get an upgrade deal :smug ) I'd like to get it out of my hair by the end of December. Can take Paypal and/or credit card. Actual shipping...
  18. FaxMan

    Congress likely to pass HD distant locals today!

    3 Years? Besides the E* release mentioning 3 years, what else has been seen regarding this? Does it mean that E* might take 3 years to do it, or that some how the NAB and or locals can somehow stall it? It would seem to me that if the 'policy' that a distant HD feed would be allowed if a...
  19. FaxMan

    921 remote Distinct ON and Off Codes

    There are discreet codes and they work with the Harmony remotes. I used the Pronto codes posted by Mark in the 921 forum on the dbstalk site and used the utility at the Harmony site to convert/load them. I believe that codes uploaded to a profile may be made available to other harmony owners...
  20. FaxMan

    Do you use an UPS backup

    I recently put an APC UPS on my system partly because the lamp in my Rear Projection LCD TV doesn't appreciate cycling off and on. In looking at the power requirements of the equipment, it looks like I'll get pretty long uptime. I'll have to look for the thread where you disproved the theory...
  21. FaxMan

    Are the Olympics coming to Dish Network?

    It seems to me that it might make sense to start lobbying or local (non-HD) affiliates to 'just say YES'. I'm thinking they (E*/NBC) might have good leverage where HD is not already available via local OTA or Cable. Kind of like the 'I Want My HDTV' concept.
  22. FaxMan

    Dish Network 811 HD Receiver for Sale

    I wish I could have bought it for one of those prices too. I would encourage anybody who is considering it to give them a call. Given the sales history on e-bay and the $399 price at, apparently there are a number of people who don't qualify.
  23. FaxMan

    Dish Network 811 HD Receiver for Sale

    I have an 811 that I used for a couple of months while waiting for a 921. As such, I kept all of the packaging, remotes, manuals, etc. in prime condition. The receiver still has its protective 'film' on it. Works fine. I'd rather not hassle with e-bay. Will consider all offers...
  24. FaxMan

    Will the Lack Of a dishwire stop u from buying a 921

    And for the 8 of you (at the moment) who are going to return yours. Don't forget about your friends here on the boards. We might be willing to take them off of your hands :yes
  25. FaxMan

    Just cancelled Cinemax & Starz until they add the HD channels

    Here is my note and reply... ======= Dear Mr. Schwimmer, I was once again extremely disappointed in the double-talk on last night's Charlie Chat where on one hand Dish Network claims to want to be the leader in HD, and on the other hand claims that there is no 'compelling' HD...