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    Getting my OTA up and running

    Sean. "OTA MODULE"? Are you refering to the antenna itself? I should just have to plug the antenna into the voom box, right?
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    Getting my OTA up and running

    Hello all. I've been vooming for a few months now, and when my install was done, they did not do the OTA half of the installation- partly because the stealth antenna would do me no good where I live. Now a few months have gone by- and my OTA channels are mapped correctly(even though I cannot...
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    Installation Hell

    The problem is installs INC. Voom contracted their installs to the lowest bidder, and the consumer suffers! VOOM'S installations DEPEND in the installer. The growth of their business depends on the quality of their installs, which seemlingly is something VOOM has little control over. They...
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    Comparing TNTHD on Voom VS Dish

    Voom continues to struggle with compression problems. They need to get this issue fixed. MPEG 4 is NOT the answer. Don't sell HDTV delivered and not have high quality imaging! Another thing about TNT HD for those plasma CRT consumers, be very CAREFUL of the TNT logo 'bug' at the bottom right...
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    New VOOM Offer: $199 installation starting 6/1/04

    I'm in the wireless phone market, so every day, I hear all about contracts. I must say, most companies have a buyer's remorse period. This period can last a week to a month at best. This is stated in the terms of service. So we'll have to get a copy of the new terms of service to verify...
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    Improvement Wish List for Voom

    riffjim, I strongly believe Voom must place standards on the manner in which their product is installed. The sat industry has to do this! The fact of installations taking 2 or 3 attempts to complete is unacceptable. Voom must do a better job of controlling their installations. They're at the...
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    Improvement Wish List for Voom

    1. Get Rid of the Microstutters! 2. Implement Quality Control system on the PQ of most of the channels. Isolate those channels that are not up to standards, and FIX them. 3. Beg, borrow, or STEAL HDNET and INHD1/INHD2 4. Implement a DVR solution IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF THIS YEAR! 5...
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    HD Net on OTA

    Vurbano, I have HDNET through highdef cable, and it's OTA with VOOM. It is the EXACT same broadcast. It's not chopped in any way. I'm getting the same thing(although much clearer) OTA, as I can see on cable's HDNET channel. I think local affiliates that aren't up to speed with their own HD...
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    HD Net on OTA

    I live in eastern Pennsylvania and my OTA affiliate, WFMZ TV simulcasts HDNET over the air as well. This has nothing to do with Vooms service, as you don't need VOOM to pick up OTA signals. I just so happens you're using the voom receiver to pull down OTA feeds. Voom won't carry HDNET anytime...
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    Auction-HD: Christie's Clapton Guitar Auction LIVE 6PM EST

    Excuse me if this was posted already. I didn't get anything on the search. Auction HD Grants a High-Def VIP PASS to Rock Legend Eric Clapton's Guitar Sale May 05, 2004 08:45:00 AM ET VOOM HD Originals Channel to Telecast June 24th Auction Live from Christie's at Rockefeller Center...
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    I've been trying to get Voom for 1 MONTH!!!

    UPDATE::: After my first post and start of this thread, I took someone's advice and emailed Joe Harkins. Installs Inc was out to my house the very next day and the service was installed to my satisfaction. The installer was everything I had hoped for. I got the tool belt, 40ft ladder...
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    Bye Bye Voom

    Email Joe Harkins, it will be addressed immediately. <> This did wonders for my installation incompetency! Took me a month to get the service installed, but after I emailed Joe, it was done in 24 hours! He's a man of few words that GETS...
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    Voom Pq

    EXCEPT for certain NFL and NHL exclusive HD broadcasts(playoffs and Sunday night football come to mind). Once you see Sunday night football on ESPN HD, it will quickly validate the existence of the channel. Best football broadcast... BAR NONE! Better than CBSHD super bowl(where 7 of the 11...
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    How big is OTA antenna ?

    Vinny, I'll have more information for you in a week. I say all of that because a friend of mine that lives 2 miles away from me used this device and receives flawless HD reception OTA. I will post my findings when I get it all set up. :D I was turned onto the product from another forum...
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    How big is OTA antenna ?

    3 WORDS MY FRIEND The WINGARD SQUARE SHOOTER!!!! Ashetically sexy.... Extremely powerful, and rated top product of the year. No bigger than a dish, and can be mounted on the SAME mount as the dish. See here:
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    What's it going to take??

    I was again fascinated by the PQ on Starz HD, namely, their Tears of the Sun transfer to HD. Why is this so hard for other networks to look this good?? What is it going to take to ensure that each time I turn on a premie to watch a movie, I'm getting the best transfer possible!??! I'm...
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    The Meaning of HDTV Ain't Very Clear

    He does present the OBVIOUS point that there isn't a lot of true high def out there. My concern is where this will go in the future. The government seems to be letting up on the deadlines for those stations that are crying about money to convert to HD. This also brings about several...
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    My Voom at Sears experience

    mad, I got some minor wall fishing without any charge!! They ran the coax up from my basement into the first floor and replaced the jack on the wall. I was not charged for any of that, YET!
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    How to remove channels from PG?

    Program the channels you like(or receive) as your favorites and use your favorites to search. Problem solved. ;)
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    My New Voom-First Impressions

    With a 60 to 80 mile antenna, I could get every local out of Philly. I don't have that hooked up yet because I want to look into an antenna that I can mount that is NOT the size of my roof. I'm taking a hard looking into the Square Shooter SS1000 from Winegaurd. 60 miles, unpowered - more if...
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    My New Voom-First Impressions

    Ernesto- I strongly believe thats some of the issue here. The 550 is not that good of a box, so I feel that some SD suffers. RCN uses the 5100 series moto box, which allows the user more freedom to customize the picture quality.
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    MPEG 4 Information

    I wonder If we'd all have to then run out a buy the latest/greatest sets that support 1080p. I've read that several of the newer DLP sets slated for production this year will support 1080p.
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    How to see the whole picture?

    DON'T FEAR!! The same exact thing happened with my set. What I did was used the 'red' button under the flip panel on the STB and cycled through the different resolutions. Keep pressing it until you have all lines flashing it "red". Should clear that up. If not, hold down the button for 6 seconds.
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    First Full Day of Vooming.....Soprano Test

    I've just enjoyed my first full day of Voom-age. I have to confess that I've been glued to the HD premies, and I don't know why. Showtime is very poor- at best. Even the HD Showtime was often grainy, and soft in many spots. SD Showtimes, unwatchable. I wanted to run a full fledged...
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    HDCP is now ON, if you have a non-HDCP compliant HDTV change to COMPONENT

    I bet........ "Wilt, On other boards, there are a lot of talk concerning the addition of HDCP support in the latest STB software. Could you clarify the reason for supporting HDCP now, rather than a year from now? 1) Voom plans to add some unique content, or some unique delivery...