First Full Day of Vooming.....Soprano Test


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Apr 15, 2004
I've just enjoyed my first full day of Voom-age. I have to confess that I've been glued to the HD premies, and I don't know why. Showtime is very poor- at best. Even the HD Showtime was often grainy, and soft in many spots. SD Showtimes, unwatchable.

I wanted to run a full fledged Soprano test on HBO HD tonight. I was comparing voom to my RCN HD broadcast. For some reason, my cable HD was darker. The more contrasts seemed to trick me into thinking it was sharper picture. The VOOM HBO HD feed was lighter in comparison. The lightness exposed some graniness during the darker - indoor scenes. I did notice that I did NOT have the microstutters that was experiencing all through the Chris Rock Special last night.

While I'm concerned about Showtime-or "showslime" as I now like to call it, I was nicely surprised by Starz HD. Many of the transfers to HD look very sharp as compared to the other premies.

I'm still very fond of RAVE as well, although Willie Nelson is a sight I'd rather not see again-- in any resolution! Yikes! One too many Farm Aids without the sunblock there Willy!

Keep the HD coming!!

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