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  1. J

    I Got My Refund Today !!

    Thanks..........yes a refund.....I am also a charter member.....also 11/04. Although only one reciever, I am expecting $386
  2. J

    I Got My Refund Today !!

    Just a quick question. I have not recieved any rebate yet, but the letter from voom a couple months ago said it was going to be put back on my credit card because i was on auto-pay. So that is where I have been looking for it. Were you guys that recieved it recently also on auto-pay, or were you...
  3. J

    Anyone wanna do me a favor?

    Ok, I and my daughter were in NYC last weekend through the first part of this week. We had the opportunity to attend the David Letterman show live on Monday, which was taped for airing tonite the 13th. I would very much like a good copy of this show, and am requesting that anyone who has the...
  4. J

    Voom Promo Specifics

    72.98, and not even ONE premium channel? (well maybe The Movie Channel) freakin ridiculous
  5. J

    OTA Antenna blocks the Satelite Signal! Radio Shack part number 15-1259
  6. J

    This shows what is on AMC-6

    Stupid question time, I have a 10 foot C-Band dish. AMC-6 Already programmed in, although I do not have a KU band LNB, only C Band. Once the change over is made, could I just add a KU Band LNB and dual feedhorn, and use my Honkin 10 footer to get my Voom? That would be sweet, talk about no rain...
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    Your bill is in the mail / Picture Quality

    Just for the record, I know how to spell "being" but I type the way I talk, and I pronounce it "bee-in" so thats the way I type it. Its a common way to convey informality, as I am sure you know Don't know what TV you got, I have a 36" CRT which shows every flaw Also way on the west coast so...
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    Your bill is in the mail / Picture Quality

    Well i hardly ever post, but stupidity always fires me up The equinox affects the dish ONLY for a 5 to 15 minute time frame when the sun is directly in line with the satellite that the dish is pointed at, and since the sun puts out much more microwave radiation than the satellite in question...
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    Dead pixels

    Although this is an easy problem to fix (Voom then watch) you guys that are counting on a fix in the next software should not hope so much. Its been a bug since the very first software in november of 03, and we have had many software releases since then, so just get used to it, fix it when it...
  10. J

    Anyone else having stb freeze problems?

    The order that you power up CAN make a difference, especially if you are using the DVI input on your TV. The TV has to be on first so that the STB can check for the right connections on powerup (HDMI I think)
  11. J

    Box owners... who's left and what can we do?

    I'm with stone, I bought my reciever 11/03. Probably one of the first 100 Voom Customers. Absolutely no problems reciever wise. I have no gripe with Voom and will remain a loyal customer until my last breath. If they go dark (and they won't) It will just be a learning experience to me.
  12. J

    Free TV's!!

    Not only is back up, but they now have a link to a sweepstake that started 3/01/05 ------------------- Must install Voom's newsletter software on PC
  13. J

    Need the Following information From Voom Subs

    Daewoo 34" CRT using component, set at 1080i (its only setting) PQ suffering with new encoders, but i have faith that the tweaking will return it to its former glory
  14. J

    VOOM re-starts advertising at AVSForum

    Also, I got the newest Dell catalog in my mail yesterday, and they continue to be featured there also
  15. J

    How big is your......bill!

    Mine has been 94.80 since march 04, VA-Voom + Playboy, one box, I own the reciever
  16. J

    Dilemma for a Prodigal Daughter...

    I can answer one question The ads for Voom on Discovery HD are still showing, at least one an hour 3 Room, one dollar
  17. J

    Now that VOOM is dead, who will be your provider?

    Well i can't vote...........if anything I would go back to C-Band, but it is not listed. What kind of a loser would watch Dish or Direct? Even Voom PQ can't match C Band, and Voom was pretty damn good, but they had the HD, so I was and always will be faithful to them Anyway, if the bird...
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    The End of VOOM?

    Thats because since both birds are in the same orbital slot, if both birds used the same transponder frequencies, the und user------US......would not be able to see either transmission because of interference
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    [VOOM] Re: Echostar Communication Buys Ranibow 1

    Just a quick note on the continued use of the recievers as OTA tuners The recieevers need to recieve an authorization on a continual basis to contine working, usually every 2 weeks to a month or when you change your programming This being said, if Voom dies, (and I am still hoping that...
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    The End of VOOM?

    Just a quick note on the continued use of the recievers as OTA tuners The recieevers need to recieve an authorization on a continual basis to contine working, usually every 2 weeks to a month or when you change your programming This being said, if Voom dies, (and I am still hoping that...
  21. J

    CNN/FN going dark (Sunshine RSN coming. Available to FL area only)

    And they are all in florida, along with the other regional channels, what about the rest of the usa voom?
  22. J

    My Voom Anniversary

    Congrats TOO, my anniversary was November 29th Couldn't be happier.......well maybe LESS Compression I came from C-Band, I expect perfection, but still love my VOOM!!!
  23. J

    Caller ID with Voom?

    Must be different systems in different parts of the country, I have CID in every room, on every phone, and they all display full info on every call. Unless its blocked or there is no info of course
  24. J

    Caller ID with Voom?

    Just my report------Caller ID worked fine for me right after the update, and has continued to work flawlessly since. 2 to 3 weeks now, I am not saying you guys aren't having problems, just that I am NOT!!! My reciever is a year old now, and has never had any problems whatsoever, so maybe the...
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    [VOOM] Caller ID with new updated software! Wilt can you help

    Just a note, My caller ID worked fine with the first phone call after the software update, and has continued to do so, every call is correct, no reboots, no problems.