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    March Madness Problem

    Still can't use scoreboard button(red) while on an HD channel. Minimized picture off center in HD but not in SD. Huh??? Also, no Gamemix in HD. Maybe launch of D11 will solve both of these problems next year. 69$ well spent??? Me thinks NOT!!!
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    March Madness Problem

    Also, why no Game Mix channel in HD. Only an SD version. For 69 dollars would love to watch multiple games at once without downgrading to inferior SD quality. NFL Sun. Tix now has an HD Game Mix channel, why not for the MM package. Seems odd.
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    March Madness Problem

    Any Advise? When I am viewing the HD channels on the MM package and I push the red special key for the scoreboard feature, picture minimizes in order to make room for wrap around scoreboard(just like Sun. Tix) and picture minimized is cropped and off center. Cannot see game action when I go to...
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    H20-600 Running HOT

    Don't think it is a dust issue. I have heard that the 600s run hotter than the 100s and just wanted to make sure all is normal. Don't have anything on top of it and it is venting normal and freely. If it continues, guess I will call to replace with a 100 or maybe try and "negotiate" an HR-20.
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    H20-600 Running HOT

    I recently grabbed an old H20-600 out of my garage and re-connected it to my tv in the bedroom. Touched the top of it this morning and it feels warmer than my H20-100. I have heard that some H20s have been known do this. Should I call to have it replaced with an H20-100( I have the protection...
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    LIN Televison

    I guess no stock options for this company being purchased by you in the future, huh V?:eek:
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    Mhd 10-4-07

    It's so nice watching concerts/live performances without that dreaded pixelation caused by strobing/bright lighting. Thank you MPEG 4. I think I love you.:D
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    Any new HD Locals yet?

    Where is my KCAL(Channel 9)??????? I got to see Kobe and the scrubs in HD this season.:mad:
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    What we are hearing...

    3:52 am (pacific time) M-F
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    So is it HD-lite or not?

    Oh right, sorry. Have trouble recalling events which took place over 15 YEARS AGO. Go Southern Miss.:D
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    So is it HD-lite or not?

    College Football on Espn looks great tonight. Boise State vs. somebody. Love that blue turf.
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    H20 Doesnt GoTo High Def Channel

    It does seem like a silly oversight on their part. For now, when I want to change directly to a channel, I guess i will bring up the guide and select the channel from there. HD does look great though. I must give the new D10 credit there.
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    H20 Doesnt GoTo High Def Channel

    Same problem here. Noticed that when I got home to check line-up. When you directly input the channel it goes to the sd version and not hd. Looking forward to that software update. Kind of an annoying issue.
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    Local Channel's in HD?

    Still no KCAL( channel 9) or MYTV(channel 13) in L.A. Thought those were coming online today too. Lakers in HD on Ch. 9 would be nice this season.
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    5 LNB Upgrade

    Agreed but still no excuse for shoddy customer service. That being said, got my dish. I am happy now.
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    5 LNB Upgrade

    Happy to report that I finally got my 5lnb dish upgrade installed today. The tech who showed up was very knowledgeable and new how to "adjust on the fly" when needed. Even gave me a new BBC converter which I didn't have. Can't wait for September and my chance to test the new dish out properly.
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    5 LNB Upgrade

    Agreed. Just listen to this regarding the same 5lnb dish upgrade. On my first scheduled appointment, the installer arrived with the wrong work order and had to spend nearly 1 hour on the phone with his contracted local office and D* to change. After clearing up the work order he stated that the...
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    5 LNB Upgrade

    Called D* and was told initially that the termination fee would be waived due to my standing as an "A List" customer(Whatever the heck that is). Then called back later to confirm and sure enough was given the old "we don't see that mentioned in the notes for your account" reply. Was told to...
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    5 LNB Upgrade

    Just scheduled an appointment to have the 5 lnb upgrade installed and had a quick question. The CSR mentioned that there was a 2 year commitment required in order to get the new dish and installation for "free". Our home is on the market and we anticipate moving, possibly to a rental home...
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    Looks like no MLB CLS in HD-No Fox hd this morning-Really had my hopes up too :mad:
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    Nbchd Is On!!!

    Noticed the same sync problem here too-Also, pq didn't look that great-better than SD for sure, but not as "sharp" as CBS HD on D*-Hopefully pq will improve, along with audio sync, over time. ;)
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    Fox HD on D*

    Neutron, You think we will have the FOX-HD feed before mid October? D* doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to add this one, do they???
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    Bravo HD

    Have had it on V* for months now(yes I pay for D* and V*-call me crazy) Trust me, those who enjoy the "programing" on Bravo HD, will be changing their tune soon imo due to the constant repetition on this so called "network." Same "programming" has been run in a seemingly continuous "loop"...
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    What is Wrong with D*

    2nd half blacked-out now-back to my crappy sd feed on local fox :confused: Help!!!!!