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    Dish Movie Pack Discounts

    HI Dish Direct Chat I clicked on link but it goes to blank page with your hours on it ?
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    Dish Movie Pack Discounts

    Good morning DISH Support any 1/2 off on Dish Movie Pack
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    612 system update

    612 software update from L640 to L642 last week have not noticed any changes
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    Shows on EHD are erased after watching! Known problem?

    Shows disappearing on EHD Here's two other post about this same problem DVR archive (external HDD) issue - Can anyone help? - Page 2 - DBSTalk.Com
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    External HD Movies Delete after Playing

    Disappearing Shows ON EHD Here is another post about this problem over at DBSTALK DVR archive (external HDD) issue - Can anyone help? - DBSTalk.Com
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    External HD Movies Delete after Playing

    Losing episodes on EHD Yes it happening to me i am losing episodes of Lost if start to watch then stop my episode is gone when i try to finish watching it i am on l623 also but i had this version for about month and only noticed this problem yesterday i am pis-ed
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    External Hard Drive Database Seagate / Maxtor 750 gig

    I have a Maxtor OneTouch 4 ( STM305004OTB3E1-RK) The drive itself works fine but it does have the sleep mode problem . Having to unplug and replug it every day is getting annoying.Do you want my drive add to the pole ?
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    Free Receiver of the Week Contest Thread- Satellite AV

    My favorite is unknown, because I don't have a system yet!
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    Dvr Fees

    cause i have two dvrs did not it was a charge for each also csr never told me about charge for each dvr by the way i already have dvr advantage for the one and csr wont let me return receiver without losing my up front money
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    Dvr Fees

    If you have dvr receiver do you have to have dvr service , if not would you have to pay dvr fees
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    Surprise Entry Time Nintendo WII - ENTER TO WIN NOW!

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    GRAND PRIZE - DishStore.NET Giveaway!

    Put me in for this one [1 Year Prepaid Dish Network Service]
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    9" Portable DVD Player - Enter To Win

    Watching Movies On The Go Enter Me
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    Jumbo Universal Remote Control - Enter Here to Win

    Always losing my remote this would be great
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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

    HD player is for me , thanks
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    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

    i would love to have twenty dollars
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    DISH Rebates - Redemption Nightmare

    call 1-888-873-3245 the number on bottom of rebate
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    DISH Rebates - Redemption Nightmare

    Processing and Error(s): Invalid Account Number was removed yesterday error back today i know i gave corrrect number cause i called last friday and they said i had given correct number ????
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    DISH Rebates - Redemption Nightmare

    Mine also now says Processing and Error(s): Invalid Account Number called and they checked i did enter correct account number they told me give it more time wait a few days they said what a hassle