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  1. shanewalker

    Dish’s Ergen Scraps Blockbuster Plans After Wireless Delays

    I do apologize to the thread for the long 'rant'...discovering the news just felt like a gut punch and wanted to unload a bit. Anyone care to school me on the Roku 'perk' concept if BB goes away? And any idea if an net Set-top/App ecosystem is truly in the cards for Dish...I'd gladly keep...
  2. shanewalker

    Dish’s Ergen Scraps Blockbuster Plans After Wireless Delays

    Personally, and sadly, this may be the beginning of the 'last straw' towards my "cut the cord" impulse... $80/mo for decreasing channel lineups and now prospect of the DVD-by-mail/channel BB bundling, which was the real quantifiable 'value proposition' left in the cable sphere imho. I've been...
  3. shanewalker

    Sony Bravia/LCD CFL and Dish DVR remote interference--a solution!?

    Turning down the backlighting works for 75% fix...but switching to non-IR remote isn't an option due to investment in otherwise awesome IR remote gear (Harmony 880 and Logitech PS3 IR-adapter). If I could find an 890 for super cheap, maybe I'd consider, but otherwise, hoping a combo tweaked...
  4. shanewalker

    Sony Bravia/LCD CFL and Dish DVR remote interference--a solution!?

    Alrighty. I know this topic has been touched upon in muddled bursts elsewhere (here at SatGuys and on AVSforum), but looking for a clear, concise "here's the cause of the problem, and here's the robust solution". Apparently many LCD panel HDTVs utilize builds/technology that can cause...
  5. shanewalker

    Cheapest way to watch S2 'Walking Dead'...Dish America sub.

    I'm indeed a BBMP sub, would love to see the series available via VOD, but since I don't sub AMC in my package...and I'm sure they'll carry the BluRay edition when its released (that's my other 'fall-back position'). Was really curious about immediate (i.e. during the seasons airing, not months...
  6. shanewalker

    Cheapest way to watch S2 'Walking Dead'...Dish America sub.

    Looks like I'd have to pay $20 x 2 or 3 mo to jump to America's Top 200 from my Dish America pack to add AMC, just for 'The Walking Dead'. Or wait and rent the 'season pass' for $15 on iTunes or Amazon Prime. Or am I missing another option?
  7. shanewalker

    When will my 622 update to give me the new Movie Pass interface?

    hmm. thx...interesting on all points made so far. wonder what the time-table is for 'adaptive streaming'?
  8. shanewalker

    When will my 622 update to give me the new Movie Pass interface?

    My 722 in the 'mancave' has updated to show the Movie Pass interface, but so far, my upstairs 622 has not, still shows Dish Platinum etc and wondering if I'm missing access to several features/content until it does. Any idea on when I can expect the update to hit--or can I initialize it...
  9. shanewalker

    Blockbuster Movie Pass - Questions Thread

    OK, so I signed on for Blockbuster Movie Pass yesterday, returned my last rental thru my Blockbuster-by-Mail All Access account to the store, then came home and cancelled that account. Then, I went in to finish registration on my Movie Pass and lo, as described above, it was able to link to...
  10. shanewalker

    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    This is AWESOME news...a very nimble, well-thought execution on Dish's part, imho. I've been a DirectTV, Voom, Comcast and Dish TV sub over the years and a Netflix and now BB-by-Mail sub for Disc content--and the Dish/BB combo now takes the cake value-wise. Dish covers the high/lo end...
  11. shanewalker

    Dish Blockbuster purchase...thoughts?

    So, as a longtime happy (mostly ;)) Dish sub, and also now currently a pleased Blockbuster-by-Mail sub, I'm wondering what the new union of the two services/companies will bring. The usefulness of both the studio content deals AND the brick-and-mortar locations seems promising, as does the...
  12. shanewalker

    MSNBC and Cooking in Dish America Gold?

    Cool--thanks! I was reading that into the thread discussion, but wasn't 100% sure. Now, if only Keith was still on, I'd be in bid-ness...miss his silly mug.
  13. shanewalker

    Two HD TVs, one DVR... can it be done?

    I'm in a similar situation, wanting to add an HDTV to a room 1 floor up/down from existing Dish HD DVRs (owned vip622 and leased vip722K). Initial thought was wireless HD, and some use of our iPhones as WiFi remotes or set up an IR repeater for our Harmony remote to control the DVR. I wish...
  14. shanewalker

    MSNBC and Cooking in Dish America Gold?

    Sorry to be late to the game here, but I noticed MSNBC appeared in my DA Silver lineup...looks like it was added? Or is it just part of the current preview package of channels? Like it, keeping fingers crossed.
  15. shanewalker

    Has anyone noticed the new 722k DVR menu?

    Not wild about the new GUI design...feels like a step back. I'm wondering if this was precipitated/a response to the Tivo lawsuit--were they mandated to make these changes? Cuz it doesn't feel like a well-planned move forward from an interface design standpoint.
  16. shanewalker

    How to aquire Google TV through Dish?

    Dish is extremely smart to get into a partnership this early w/ Google. They were smart when they partnered w/ Slingbox and this shows they're very 'forward-thinking'. They couldn't get the content providers to play ball w/ their HD a-la-carte here's a nice little potential end...
  17. shanewalker

    A la Carte?

    Interesting article on Cnet...continues the call for a la carte w/ growing evidence of an eroding market for the old business model. Wall Street firm: Netflix, Google to pressure cable | Media Maverick - CNET News
  18. shanewalker

    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    --sexywarlock-- et al, I'm not trolling when I lament the TurboHD package 'gimping' that E* has resorted to. I just think it's tragic--the ONLY truly progressive/forward-thinking initiative they've undertaken since buying Voom's HD content and pushing themselves as the HD-leader. OK, besides...
  19. shanewalker

    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    Ditto... How does it feel to be a 'smart, selective and thus less blatantly profitable and therefore 2nd priority HD customer'?
  20. shanewalker

    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    I hear what you're saying, but as things transition from Analog to Digital across all major lines, there's a lot of bandwidth savings...and the myth of low headroom is just that. The telco's have bandwidth to spare--Google 'dark fiber'. The IPTV innovation is to cease/end-run 'broadcast' as we...
  21. shanewalker

    HD Only Packages

    I think you're right--just wanted confirmation. Confirmed?
  22. shanewalker

    HD Only Packages

    So, this is indeed the list of channels I get via my Dish America Gold (plus CI, added when?; and regional sports networks, some shopping channels and I also sub to locals): * A&E HD * ABC Family * Animal Planet HD * Big Ten Network * Biography Channel * Bravo HD *...
  23. shanewalker

    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    I'm with you all...I had read the frustrated posts prior to subbing to TurboHD in Sept-09, but thought it couldn't be all that bad, and it made sense, a few odd channels left out due to contract disputes. But now I see that its really Dish, not the content suppliers, trying to milk the sub for...
  24. shanewalker

    Can you get the new HD from DISH?

    So, as a Turbo HD/'Dish America Gold' sub...what new HD channels SHOULD I be seeing?! Nothing. Some. All--but because of the continuing fiasco we HD-only subs just get left out, without explanation/recompense? I saw CI in my line-up and promptly set the DVR to record 'Twin Peaks', then found...
  25. shanewalker

    622 HDD Replacement

    Huzzah!!! Well, though it may have been an unnecessary step, I did format the drive NTFS and then followed the key-press steps above and yes indeedy, we have liftoff! I'm hearing a bit of what i think is fan noise whine, but hopefully it'll settle down sooner or later. Fingers crossed the...