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  1. mike123abc

    CBS all access

    For now you can get 50% off for 12 months with the coupon code PARAMOUNTPLUS I signed up for the annual commercial free normally 99.99 for $50.
  2. mike123abc

    Finally a true 4K projector from JVC?

    I went to the demo at CEDIA. It was pretty good. No the "black bars" on wide screen were not black. It only has "120k:1" native contrast. They did not seem to have the completely fade to black feature enabled during the demo. They were using a 16x9 foot screen, so it was pretty big. The...
  3. mike123abc

    Grimm canceled by NBC after upcoming final season

    It is not really a surprise, contracts make long running shows much more expensive. 6 seasons is about the limit unless a show performs very well or can change out actors to new lower paid ones... 100 episodes used to be the magic number, now 80 is good enough... 5.5 years of Grimm is way...
  4. mike123abc

    Apple Event: September 7, 2016

    I ordered the 7+. Time to update the 6. Went for the zoom lens...
  5. mike123abc

    What does 'lifetime' really mean? (TIVO dropping series 1 support)

    With TiVo I balance "lifetime" with 4-5 years of service. Essentially what you pay for lifetime is recouped and every extra year is a bonus. Not having a monthly bill for years is worth it to me. A consumer electronics device that lasts over 10 years is very well built... But, as a public...
  6. mike123abc

    Netflix vs Ultra 4K disc quailty?

    Luckily for some shows (like Star Trek TNG) they went back and redid the special effects... Some shows like Babylon 5 were not able to be converted. The original film masters were lost in a fire.
  7. mike123abc

    CBS - Bull Trailer

    Or you could watch the youtube video uploaded by CBS itself...
  8. mike123abc

    A new Star Trek series will premiere in 2017

    Looking at the ship (and serial number) it looks like it is set before TOS...
  9. mike123abc

    DISH Designates AWS-4 as Downlink; 3GPP Working Group Completes Band 70 to Integrate DISH Spectrum

    Essentially Dish has gotten a "standard" to match their spectrum holdings. That way they can get radio chipsets built to accommodate their holdings. While it is probably unlikely that this will go into a cell phone chip, it could go into a chipset aimed at fixed wireless broadband. It looks...
  10. mike123abc

    Internet TV - What are my Options?

    TiVo is really good. Of course it is best if it is available OTA or on cable depending how you have the TiVo hooked up. If not it will report both Netflix and Amazon.
  11. mike123abc

    iOS 9.3

    I upgraded my ipad pro 9.7 without issue.
  12. mike123abc

    I want to switch to Linux,but

    Microsoft has announced plans for the full Linux Ubuntu runtime to be available on Windows soon. Essentially MS is going to be emulating the Linux kernel in windows 10. So, you can run essentially any...
  13. mike123abc

    Who Has a 4k Projector?

    If I remember correctly the current JVC models did not have HDCP 2.2. They also implemented 4k with using 1080p panels and pixel shifting, not really full 4k. Epson is doing shifting tech too. Sony has real 4k. But, costs a lot of $$. While they have the resolution, they are still short on...
  14. mike123abc

    Second Chance

    Not surprised it was cancelled. I liked the show, but it stalled mid season and became an unremarkable procedural show. It tried to move from a Science Fiction show to a crime drama. Not a good fit.
  15. mike123abc

    Doctor Who

    This show still on? But, seriously I would have preferred a new Dr. announcement...
  16. mike123abc

    Marvel "Agents of Shield"

    I have not watched any of this season. They are all sitting on the DVR. It is not must see TV for me, but during the summer I will probably catch up. If it is not worthy of summer fare, then I will cut the timer.
  17. mike123abc

    The Flash

    Or maybe it was Barry Allen from that world...
  18. mike123abc

    Echostar 18 Launch Approx 4:15 EDT June 18 2016

    They could do that, they could add more markets in HD that are SD now, mirror more markets that are Eastern Arc, etc.
  19. mike123abc

    Apple is in the Gold business- not just the Edition Watch either

    One fun thing to see in Perth is a 1 metric ton gold coin at their mint: 1. It was a surprisingly small coin (to weigh a ton). It looked about 31 inches in diameter and about 5 inches thick. Gold is really dense. 2. Looked like they did not have much security...
  20. mike123abc

    Samsung unveils Ultra HD Blu-ray player UBD-K8500

    I did not hear it, but a lot of BDs have been recalled over the years for similar problems. So, if they have not marked the color space correctly on the UHDBD they will probably recall it. Now of course if it is the player using the wrong color space then they will probably fix with a firmware...
  21. mike123abc

    Samsung unveils Ultra HD Blu-ray player UBD-K8500

    Sounds like Sicario is in for a recall and to be properly marked for its actual color space...
  22. mike123abc

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Or perhaps Rick becomes Negan... Kills his way up to the top of the gang...
  23. mike123abc

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    I know who the comics say was killed by Negan, but I think it will be someone else at first and probably the comic person later to drag it out. I the episode was too long. Essentially they were being herded into where Negan wanted them to go.... I would have loved an RPG to hit Negan's men...
  24. mike123abc

    Convert an iPad3 fm ATT to ???

    I have at&t shared data between my iphone and ipad. The ipad is $10/month and I have not have had an issue with cell reception with the ipad air.
  25. mike123abc

    Supergirl (Now on CW)

    She also married someone from Glee... Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner in real life) There are all sorts of Glee connections, many young stars appeared on there.