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  1. volkodav

    Will I Loose My Dish, Because Of Grounding

    in apartments it's kind of hard when you can't run any cable on out side of the building or attach anything to building
  2. volkodav

    Will I Loose My Dish, Because Of Grounding

    just tell them to run ground wire to fuse box inside your apartment. after that it is your call if you going to live it there
  3. volkodav

    Cannot download new guide (510)

    if you go to guide and pres skip forward several times up to 48 hours ahead does it down load then?
  4. volkodav

    Dpp44 Power Inserter

    the wire that exposed after you strip it. according to the manual it should be only size of the nickle after you slide connection on but on switches you want to make them longer
  5. volkodav

    Can't get sat 129 on dish 1000.2 and VIP221

    if im thinking of right city then you have a major tree problems
  6. volkodav

    Can't get sat 129 on dish 1000.2 and VIP221

    you cant just up the elevation to clear the trees. i would say have some one from dish to come out, to verify if you are clearing trees or not and see what your options are
  7. volkodav

    Dpp44 Power Inserter

    i have 1000.2 with DPP 44SW works with no problems. check your connections it sounds like stinger might be a little bit short. also the light have to be on on power supply no mater how it is hocked up
  8. volkodav

    Can I connect a second tv with VIP622 wirelessly?

    leap frog from radio shack. but doesn't relay work on far distances
  9. volkodav

    Fifth 622 in four years

    not really. but 5 receivers i would re install whole thing and check electoral outlet.
  10. volkodav

    getting an additional room wired

    1. it's all depends 2. all you will need is cable from dish to your 301 unless tech ran dual cable from dish to ground.
  11. volkodav

    Fifth 622 in four years

    from satellite dish to your receiver sine box is using power. so if there is short it start to buzz. disconnect SAT cable behind receiver see if it stops
  12. volkodav

    Adding TV2 UHF Remotes

    go to menu 6-1-3 then look on left lower corner. it would say TV2 UHF grab the new remote press and hold SAT until all lights are on press the same number on screen then pres pound (#). to match remote addresses
  13. volkodav

    Fifth 622 in four years

    if you hear buzzing it means there is a short some where. trace your cables and check all ends
  14. volkodav

    DP301 LNBs

    how old is soft wear on that receiver just do check switch with Sat's hooked up after that cancel out and turn the box of if it need new soft wear it will start the down load with in 2-5 minuets after shutting off
  15. volkodav

    DP301 LNBs

    i know that. i was just using as an example to see what type of LNB he has. legacy, DP, or DPP
  16. volkodav

    Mixed Equipment

    it has to be DP single or DP dual. legacy will not work
  17. volkodav

    VIP 622 Several Issues

    Issue 2: check your component cables, to make sure you didn't cross weirs. usually thats why colors are mest up
  18. volkodav

    DP301 LNBs

    it's all depends on the LNB. if you have Dish Pro LNB the test will go any where from 2 of 2 1 to 38. can you tell a little bit more about the LNB? if you have no signal it will tell you no switch detected
  19. volkodav

    DP301 LNBs

    any. no
  20. volkodav

    6.0 tv2 remote question

    you remote address don't match any more to your receiver. go the menu 6-1-3 grab 6.3 remote press and hold SAT until all lights on then pick a number between 1-15 press pound(#) and then record that should fix it
  21. volkodav

    722 Questions

    to me it sounds like low signal on 129. how many transponders have you checked? to determent it is low 60.
  22. volkodav


    get it 950-2100 MHZ. i use Holland or atras spliters
  23. volkodav

    It works or it doesn't work

    i would say it is not diplexers failing. when you disconnect from sat it re sets LNB so it's starting to work. after a while it goes out. when it happens next time disconnect the cable give it couple of minutes and connect it back see if it is going to come back. you will know it is diplexers or...