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    Help Fortec Design their next receiver!

    Done with Survey.. Suggested: 4:2:2 :)
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    Discovery to Launch 6 New HD Channels

    Miami Ink!
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    YES Network in California

    ALRIGHT!! Thanks! :D
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    YES Network in California

    I'm thinking about ordering DirecTV but first I need to know Is it possible to watch YES Network or YES-HD in California? If not, then forget it! :D Thanks!
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    AU9 or AT9 DirecTV Dish

    Hey, I'm here to post for my friend.. He was kinda upset when the apartment inspectors found out the dish was on fence from the baloney. They told him, he has to remove the dish and hook up with Tripod only.. So, my friend called the DirecTV and request upgrade from standard to HDTV...
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    Intelsat is changing the names of 16 satellites.

    Don't forget about Intelsat has been changed the names today! Intelsat is changing the names of 16 satellites. Conversion Table - PDF
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    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Congratulations, SatelliteAv!! Wish you best of luck! :up ;) Antelope, California, 95843, United States of America.
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    HotBird 1

    Hey guys, Wondering what's up with HotBird 1? Where it will be going to? Since it was in Europe and now, it's in Atlantic around 27.5W.. At lyngsat showing it's still moving 1.0w degree a day. Thanks
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    NASA Feed on FTA?

    Echostar 7 @ 119W 12370 R - SR: 20000 Don't forget it's circular.
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    Myerstown, PA 17067 Latitude 40° 22.734'N Longitude 76° 18.858'W Sat Name Sat Lng Az(t) Az(m) El Skew ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intelsat Americas 5 97.0W 210.2 222.6 38.7 22.6 Satellite Finder is (c)...
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    DVBTech or Genpix?

    Thanks, that's all I wanted to know.
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    DVBTech or Genpix?

    I'm considering to buy one (board) of these.. But I do have questions before throw alot of $$.. I need to know what kind of module will I be able to watch DCII? And is it subscribable and how? Since I have read somewhere in forum said if the DCII's in the clear but it's still actually...
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    How many analog receivers do you have set up and active?

    Will most of Analog move to Digital in future? >>pondering<<
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    Changes Coming to the FTA Section!

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it!! :D
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    Geosatpro 2.4 meter Prime Focus Review

    Nice review!! :up Thanks!
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    Wild feed hunting

    Best timing is around 3 pm (Pacific Time).. Most of them are from East / Central.
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    What is the best LNBF for Ku?

    QPH-031 is definitely worth to have! But of course it's a bit heavy. Here's my QPH-031 and scale! :D
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    Time again - Weekend Satellite Projects?

    Sweet, Larry.. When yer done, show us pictures! :up
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    Upper, Lower Vertical and Horizontal

    Thanks so much!! :up
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    Major Upgrade Sunday!

    I love it, looks so pretty!! :) And what happened to RSS? It's gone! :( Hopefully, you guys bring RSS back. Good job, guys! Never mind: RSS is working fine except WUT.. :( All I get is "Live Bookmark feed failed to load."
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    Upper, Lower Vertical and Horizontal

    Anybody care explain what is Upper and Lower Vertical or Horizontal.. What's so special about it?? Thanks, Kurt
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    SG-2100 Won't move

    Anywhere else can be found like WalMart, etc..
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    Anyone use Fortec's Channel Editor?

    Here... USB to Serial RS232 Converter That is all you need. :)
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    SG-2100 Won't move

    If you go buy some coax cable.. Make sure it's RG-6 not RG-59.
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    TV Polonia from Intelsat5

    It was encrypted this morning but now not anymore.