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    Waiting for Superdish....

    I had pre-ordered for Superdish 121 in January 2004, still waiting for it. Anybody in the same boat? It seem all new subscribers get superdish immediately, only for the existing customers Dish network don't have stock. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Anybody using Microyal SW64?

    100 feet outside and say another 100 feet inside house wiring between the walls. I have a flat cable to pass beneath the window. total 4 join at different point, could this be the problem? I will try today with another ouput.
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    Anybody using Microyal SW64?

    Yes all the six outputs from 3 LNB's has signal above 100. I have dish 500 with dual output legacy LNB,s and I have a direct TV 18'' Dish with dual output LNB which I use to point at 148 satellite
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    Anybody using Microyal SW64?

    I have one, I cannot get it to working. I connected 119 to 1a and 1b, 110 to 2a and 2b and 148 to 3a and 3b. when I do switch test it show 119 on 2a, 148 on 3a and 3b, and rest 1a,1b,2b are X. I checked the voltage on on powers inseter output 1, its 18v, so there is no voltage drop...
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    Superdish Availability?

    I had called dish for superdish 121, they say they dont have any, and it is backordered. This a free offer with 1 year subscription to AT50 and any International channel on 121
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    Superdish Availability?

    Anybody has any idea when will superdish be available for existing customers.
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    SW64 question

    will sw64 work properly if I connect dual output of 119's LNB to switch 1a and 1b and dual output of 148's lnb to switch 2a and 2b. The problem is I dont get all channel from 119, some of them says signal lost, I have strong singal from 119.
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    Direct TV dish for E* ?

    only bell or dish network also
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    Direct TV dish for E* ?

    Can I use any direct TV dual output LNB 18'' dish for my dish network system. Can I connect it to my switch 64, to receive international programming
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    OnAir USB HDTV (new product) with PVR

    Check at
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    Use your 921 with a SA TIVO

    Does DVR 921 has IR blaster to program VCR using Timer events for VCR in 921 (510 does have it). Can this IR blaster also control TIVO
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    How many days EPG info in DVR 510?

    I have pointed to 148 bird. I will try switching it off.
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    How many days EPG info in DVR 510?

    I can only get 2 days of EPG info? I heard it can save 7 days of EPG.
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    Why does DISH charge DVR fee or VOD fee?

    That does not make any sense, program guide is downloaded by all receivers, they dont charge non dvr receiver for downloading program guide.
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    Why does DISH charge DVR fee or VOD fee?

    As per me, DVR functionality is not a service provided by DISH or any satellite provider, it is a funtionality of the DVR which you have purchased, then why should DISH charge customer for features of DVR like pause, skip back, skip forward which DVR does it for u, not DISH. Any comment on this?
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    Question on 510 capability?

    Does DVR 510 allow you skip back and watch a show from begining without the user recording the event. does it has any internal buffer space where it keeps recording the active channel, if so how many minute buffer it has.
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    508 Question

    When using the 1st method to switch between 301 and 508 with TV/Video switch, will 508 continue recording an existing event if there is one.
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    when is DP44 going to be available, any news?

    when is DP44 going to be available, any insider news?
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    Question about Remote

    I have a dish dvr 510 and Dish 2800 receiver, If i upgrade the Dish 2800 from IR to UHF, can I control Dish 2800 with my DVR 510's remote.
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    Let's guess the date of the new software release for 921?

    With Mark mentioning the 921 looks stable after the 3rd beta. I guess the new software should be up by 01/26/04
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    question on installer

    I have my superdish installation in the near future. Will the installer install the wires as per my suggestion or will they take route which is closer to the receiver. I am trying avoid drilling thru the wall by using RG6 flat cable thru my Bathroom window and my house RG6 distribution...
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    Is there a DHP plan for existing customer?

    I am a existing Dish customer and I have commited One year to AT50 to get Superdish (Pre ordered) Free. Can I get a receiver or DVR under DHP plan if I already have a One year commitement to AT50.
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    Does anybody who pre-ordered Superdish, got it installed?

    I wanted to subscribe to international program available on 121 bird, so with a 1 year commitment of AT50 and 1 year commitment of international channel with minimum of 9.99$ I will a get a superdish free. But they say they have to pre-order superdish for me, any idea how long does it takes...
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    New Customers get DVR921 at low price at VSSLL ?

    Eligible System Configurations: Customers qualifying for this promotion who agree to purchase AT50/DISH Latino or a higher basic programming package for 12 consecutive months, may select one of the eligible system configurations listed below. Customer agrees to 12-month agreement. • 921...