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    Trenching Conduit from BUD to House

    We use the gray 2" with a thin nylon rope as previously mentioned. We do only commercial installs.
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    1980's glory of analog cband satellite

    HBO, ESPN, CNN, & WTBS were all on the same satellite (unscrambled). IIRC it was Galaxy 1. Combine those 4 channels with the off air antenna signals and your guests are happy. I think transponders 5, 9, 23, & 16 come to mind.
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    211K receivers turning off

    What is the "autotune? Do you mean set a timer to turn on a few times a day?
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    211K receivers turning off

    These are not hoppers, just plain old 211K's in a rack feeding HD encoders going to the rooms. I am confident it is the L vs X software thing. Any ideas on how to change the L to an X? Some sort of MEGA reset?
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    211K receivers turning off

    These are not residential rcvrs. The system has been in for at least a couple years now. My guess is still the "X" software prefix.
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    211K receivers turning off

    I am a commercial headend tech. I have (9) 211k rcvrs in a rack. 8 turn off at night. The timers are all disabled. The software on the errant units start with "L" the one rcvr that does not turn off software version starts with a " X". IIRC commercial software is supposed to start with an "X"...
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    Multi-LNB dish

    Back in the day I used to put two lnb's on lot's of 10 & 12 ft dishes for hotels. I pointed the dish at F3 & G5. Which were (IIRC) 2 degrees apart. The signals were analog VC-II encoded and the pix were pretty good. I even used these same dish set-ups on Digicypher II encoded signals. Set-up was...
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    Snow on the dish

    I have made snowballs and tossed them at the dish. Boing! when you hit it the snow covering drops off. Works in an emergency when a dish is up on a roof that is slippery.
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    Birdog V2.5 compatability

    I have a Birdy V2.5. How can I align single LNB dishes at 61.5, 72 & 77? It finds 77 just fine, but will not indicate "found" on 61.5 & 72. I do commercial HD systems for hotels
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    If I ran a SWM SL3 dish/LNB (one cable?) to an 8 way splitter then to five H25's OR, a KA/KU SL3 to a 6X8 (four cables) then to five H24's Same results? BTW thanks for this info. I chatted with the owner today and he was wondering why he didn't get "free" receivers, like the homeowners.
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    So We are ready to give a proposal to the owner. Just to be clear, The SL3 has 6 outputs (3 sats RH & LH polarity) these rub to the 6X8. Then one cable from the 6X8 to the five H24's.
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    So 5) H24 rcvrs, 1) WB68 switch, 1) 3 LNB slimline, Various HDMI cables. Do you know if the H24 remotes are UHF/IR and are they addressable?
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    The Setup will be, in general, one receiver under a TV with another TV maybe 30 feet away mirroring that receiver/TV. Five setups like that. I checked and saw some "passive" 2 way HDMI splitters that were cheap. Think they would work OK? The slimline dish has 5 LNB's? or 3? Thanks BTW I have...
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    A total of 5 receivers will be installed. I would much rather have a more standardized all HDMI type system as opposed to a combo of HDMI/VGA/Component. Bar people tend to NOT be techies and easy is better. As in " Just put the TV on HDMI 1 and the satellite TV will come in". If I need to, maybe...
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    I have to upgrade a sports bar to HD boxes. What boxes would I need? They hopefully will have at least two HDMI outputs to allow two TV's to hook up. The end desire is to get NFL Sunday Ticket in HD. Also, What dish will I need and what birds will I aim it at? Presently he has a single LNB dish...
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    DirecTV not honoring free hd or referral reward

    I called DTV at least 3 times on this. The second call (the day after installation) when I was asking about the "rebates" for costs and how I file, the lady told me to set up auto-pay. I did. I sent my first auto-pay while she was on the phone. She said, OK you are set. Got a paper bill three...
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    DirecTV not honoring free hd or referral reward

    So I have had it for a week. Will I get "sued" for two years worth of charges?
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    Free HD?

    It's a scam. I ordered, was told free HD on the phone. Got a bill, no free HD. I called, they said. Too bad, you didn't put your account in auto-pay when you ordered. YOU lose, we win.
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    No BS. DirecTV service wanted w/HD.

    Is defective equipment replaced at no charge?
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    DirecTV not honoring free hd or referral reward

    I ordered DTV on the phone. The phone number I got off the website that offered free HD for life and a $10 referral. Since I was unable to complete my order on-line I called in the said 800 number. The lady took all my info including my friends account #. I get my bill. NO free HD, NO...
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    A&E on Galaxy 3

    Whoops! I subscribed with another vendor to a package that has most of those channels. So I guess I have to wait for a few months until I can view The Dog.
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    A&E on Galaxy 3

    Does anyone know how I can get a subscription to A&E? I need my dog the Bounty hunter fix.
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    Remove BIG OLD satellite dish?

    If it's aluminum it should be an easy give away.
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    12' Paraclipse Questions

    "In da day" I put up a bunch of 12 foot Paraclipse's. The earliest ones had clips to hold on the mesh. J hooks and U hooks. Probably had to put in 200 clips to make sure the mesh stayed nice and tight to the frame. I always used 24" actuators here in the Midwest. As I recall they weren't so hot...
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    NBC Causes Hisense 2010 to lock up!

    I wound up emailing the engineer at our NBC affiliate. A week later it was fine. No more lock up. He did a email follow up with me shortly after.