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    622 L3.57 Software Release Notes

    Well my perfect HDMI connection from 622 to my HP 5060 Plasma is no longer perfect since the update. I was watching the HD channel talking about NASA launching GOES N, all of sudden the sound disappered. Other HD/SD channels are fine. Did a hard reset, everything is restored. Switched to...
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    DishHD and Dish'n It Up Details

    Well I did the upgrade from 921 (owned) to 622, was installed on the 14th. I connected everything myself, all the tech did was call DISH and activate the 622 for me. I called the special # today swap my 811 with 211. The install date is next Wed morning, but unlike the 622 (which was UPS to...
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    How to Manually Record OTA on a vip 622/942

    This probably has been answered before, but is it possible to record two OTA at the same time? e.g. is it possible to record NBC 'My Name is Earl' and CBS 'CSI', their time slots overlap.
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    Do I need dish 1000 in SF, CA?

    Thanks. Do you happen to know what are the local channels currently on 129? I am pretty sure I cheked a few days ago, I can get to all the local channels on the dish guide. Some time last year, when I tried to access some locals, I would get a message saying I need another dish pointing to...
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    Do I need dish 1000 in SF, CA?

    My 622 (replacing 921) is scheduled for install tomorrow 4/14, I will be using in TV1 mode only. I currently have 1 500 pointing at 110/119 and the other at 61.5. I will be upgrading to HD Platinum (from American everything pack). The CSR told me the installer will be bringing DISH 1000. My...
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    Will the installer bring the 622 like they said

    That is strange, Dish told me this Sat. that 622 will be shipped via UPS within 2-3 days when I phoned in for the upgrade.
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    is My 811 bad or is it the dpp 21 problem?

    I stand corrected, I do not have DPP 21 switch, I only have dpp twin and a dp single, one of the line from dpp twin split into two and goes to 921, the other line of dpp twin goes to 811. But regardless, it does not work. I will try your suggestion over the weekend. hopefully this does not...
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    is My 811 bad or is it the dpp 21 problem?

    Yesterday, I turned on the 811, it showed picture for a moment, then went blank, then came the 004, your switch is bad message ..., please do check switch. I went downstair and turned on the 921, it was working perfectly. So I unpluged the 811 (twice), tried point dish, check switch...
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    921 OTA Tuner Ranks #3 Behind 811 and 6000

    I had a 501 and 811. Pruchased the 921 from Dishdepot around Thanksgiving. Dish installer came yesterday installed the 921 (which replace the 501), it took about 3+ hours. I was going to have the installer replace the legacy LNBF, SW21 with DP twin, DP single, DP SW 34. then run an extra line...
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    First Look: DishPro Plus Technology

    DPP and OTA Scott, Is there going to be a DPP 34 switch? I really do not need a DPP 44. Also if one should not use the diplexor at receiver end, how does one combine and split the OTA signal in the DPP setup? Thanks. Neilson
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    Scott's 921 Has Arrived!

    Scott, Is the 921 also as dark as the 811? Thanks.
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    811 Software Updated to 262

    Thanks, but is that how 6000 used to work?
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    811 Software Updated to 262

    So what is changed exactly on the aspect ratio control? I have the 262 software. The 811 is hooked up in the following way, 811 component to my B&K ref31 then to my Pioneer RPTV, 811 S video directly to the TV. I am using the S video output, tuned to local digital channel in...
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    optical audio probs w/811?

    Now problem with B&K ref 31 :D