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    AT&T TV

    Has anyone heard if at&t tv will add live 4k event's like youtube tv has? I know there's not much 4k live content right now but this fall their should be a lot more.
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    directv 4k

    I have the 4k service from directv I think it is steller. I just wish they had more channels in 4k. Has their been in updates lately of more 4k coming out? Any channels going full time 4k? I seen their showing the michagan notre dame game in 4k Saturday.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    the wifi is messing up on my gear too.
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    NBA 4K

    I could tell a pretty big difference between the 4k game and the hd nbc football game. Makes me kind of wish everything was in 4k lol.
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    DNS plus Locals: Is it possible?

    I got fed up with the crappy feeds as well!!! I already had the dns locals though. The problem that burned me up was that sunday ticket games were blacked out for me which was ok because i was supposed to watch them on my local channels. WEll there was the big problem... Their was no hd...
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    looking for info on sunday ticket blackout info

    Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and "moved" to Columbus Ohio. That should solve the issue. Thanks.
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    looking for info on sunday ticket blackout info

    Yea i don't know if i could get reception or not where i'm at. I'm in a valley with hills around me. Also if i did even get the wtrf wheeling stations off antena i still wouldn't be able to get the fox feed in hd. This is because over the air it does not broadcast in hd yet. Wtrf cbc is in...
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    looking for info on sunday ticket blackout info

    yea i figured that was the case. I just think it's very unfair that the local fox station doesn't allow directv it's hd feed right now for some reason. Comcast however has it. I just wasn't sure if the hd-sd argument held any ground for getting the game. Apparently not. Thanks for replying.
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    looking for info on sunday ticket blackout info

    I have the sunday ticket and i get my locals from from the wheeling wv dma. Here is my problem, I certanly understand them wanting me to watch my local games on the local channels. However fox and abc are not in high def in my dma yet. I noticed i was blacked out last week of the game on...
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    HR24-500 or Tivo holdout?

    6th avenue has the hr-24 for sale on their website right now for a nice discount.
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    Wheeling wv hd abc and fox???

    any reason why comcast gets these landline hd signals but directv does not. Is comcast paying a bunch of money to make them exclusive or something on their system. Also if directv or wtrf is unwilling to come to an agreement to get these landline hd signals why can't they give us the...
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    Wheeling wv hd abc and fox???

    Does anyone know if directv plans to add the wtrf abc hd and fox hd for the wheeling wv market. I know comcast has both of these channels in hd on their systems. Quite frankly the sd of these channels on directv look like a blurfest and it's really annoying. We have the hd wtrf 7 cbs and wtov...
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    Who has the smallest cable lineup in their city? (...or the biggest case for a dish)

    My area is pretty sad as far as cable tv as well. Crystal broadband networks owns this area. Although they do offer internet and somewhat low end sd lineup, they have yet to have any hd channels. they charge 55 a month for basic extended. I think it's pretty sad when at this point a cable...
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    60 inch LG plasma

    I recently got a Lg 60 inch plasma. I got a closeout deal on this tv on The picture on this tv is awesome with directv hd and you can just imagine blu-ray hd quality. I used to have a 46 inch samsung lcd. So far i am liking the picture quality on my plasma better. It seems to...
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    Directv HD Quality Sucks!

    Directv HD looks awesome on my 60 inch LG plasma
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    $65 dollar lg blu-ray players at wal-mart

    I went to walmart earlier today and found some really cheap blu-ray players there. They were kind of hidden. The model number is Lg bd530. I had them scan it and it came up 65 bucks. I picked up 2 of them for christmas presents. I tested it out and it does the hd audio codecs and the...
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    Good deal on directv hr-24 dvr receivers right now on

    I have found out about really good deals on hr-24 dvr receivers on amazon. Just a heads up i think the price for it was around the 200 dollar mark yesterday. Now today it is only $109.99. Just thought i would let everyone here know. I pulled the trigger on one at that price. Just remember...
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    NFL ST / Red Zone Poll

    I got the 20 dollars off a month for 6 month deal, on top of the auto-renewal price of 300. So basically i got the sunday ticket for 180. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
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    ESPN GamePlan? Not sure this belongs here or not

    well i looked at the schedule for week one and it looks like almost all of the games that are on gameplan are on the sports pack except maybe the regional abc game and 3 ppv games which are already available on espn360. I think maybe you could save money on the college football package and...
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    ESPN GamePlan? Not sure this belongs here or not

    To me it's not worth it. A lot of people think it's better to just get the sports pack with directv than to get the gameplan package. Plus i don't think gameplan is in hd yet. Not positive on that. I know with the sports pack you do pick up several more games. Also with the big ten network...
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    6/3/2010 9:25am - Uplink Activity Report - 40 changes

    So are the locals available yet or are we still waiting for some to be uplinked. I told a friend they were available and he was going to call in and add them.
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    659 - FSN Pittsburgh

    I'm in the same situation. In order to get pirate and penguins games i have to subscribe to the sports pack.
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    MLB Network campaign against DishNet

    Dish used to do this stuff 2 years ago when i had them. It sounds like nothing has changed in this department since i switched to directv. In this day and age you would think you would be able to watch your local team in hd on your rsn if you had dish!!!! Heck people are already talking about...
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    need help with directv on demand

    My reciever got the latest software update and all is well now. Thanks for the help though.
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    need help with directv on demand

    I am having problems downloading stuff with directv on demand. It says i'm connected to the internet on directv box and all the shows and stuff come up. I'm connected from my linksys wrt120n to my directv dvr. I have cable internet, 15mb download speed. When i go to download something it...