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  1. mnk716

    New HD in CT

    Noticed a few days ago Vernon system now has USA-HD, TDC-HD & History-HD.
  2. mnk716

    2 new HD's in Augusts

    Connecticut has had both since end of June.
  3. mnk716

    Comcast Triple Play Premier Bundle:

    ordered the triple play premier in CT. only difference with longhorn is my taxes are higher about $15 per month. its great to have all the preimums and their on-demand access. comcast did not require a 1 or 2 year committment.
  4. mnk716

    Comcast Triple Play Premier Bundle:

    My CDV works excellent without ever having an outage. I am paying about $220 @month with 2 dvrs, 2stbs, S&E package, CSI (6mbs), CDV with 2 numbers but i only get 2 premiums. sounds like a good offer. i live in CT. thanks for the info
  5. mnk716

    NGC HD, A&E HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies on Comcast by years end:

    i moved to CT from Long Island. Why doesnt Comcast have the Mets channel. dont they own it with time warner thanks for the update on the new channels
  6. mnk716

    Internet Speeds? is reporting that Comcast is planning to increase the 6/384 tier to 6/768 and the 8/768 tier to 16/1 in certain areas. I am in CT so i hope that includes me. So far the reports are only in NJ in response to FIOS.
  7. mnk716

    Comcast Digital Voice ?

    i have had it for six weeks with no problems. i have 2 phone numbers. i also have my home alarm connected. i had optimum voice before i moved to comcast territory and the quality is the same.
  8. mnk716

    Updated: New Channels coming...No HD...

    what about adding Turner Classic Movies to entire system??
  9. mnk716

    Switched Video Trial

    what is switched video??
  10. mnk716

    High Definition on iO Sucks ass!

    CV/IO only retransmits what the programmers send to them. it is not CV's fault if it is not always in HD or "good" programming.
  11. mnk716

    Rumors/news about new channels????

    Merga, is it true that TCM may finally come to LI??
  12. mnk716

    Major SatelliteGuys FIOS Rumor!

    :) Does the rumor include FS/MSG-HD (knicks, hockey games)?? getting the voom channels is awesome and i cant wait to get, some day. the issue with sports rsn is big. The Mets plan to break away from MSG next season and go solo with TW. Does VZ intend to try and secure all the local...
  13. mnk716

    Cablevision Offers Dell Comp $199

    Always appreciate the info you gives us. Any news on any HDTV additions?? thanks
  14. mnk716

    New HD Channels and software updates

    Any news on tnt-hd??