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    Yakima WA KCWK/KAZW CW

    More on KCWK Yakima This from Bob Powers of KCWK. Sometime last night or today the Contacts links for KCWK's web page were removed. Other DMA's local CW's affected this way? Basically the e-mail summarization is that Pappas broadcasting bought our station, sucked the assets out of it, and...
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    Yakima WA KCWK/KAZW CW

    A few days ago KTLA channel 252 was uplinked into the Yakima DMA as a distant CW. Yesterday our local CW KWCK/KAZW 9373/9 began showing a slate on the channel saying the station is temporarily off the air. EPG says that station has ceased operation and CW programming will be received on 252...
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    Why no Locals in Laredo?

    alternative Check this link. while you may not qualify for Laredo or San Antonio network feeds you may qualify for some or all network feeds from Atlanta and San Francisco delivered to your dish system from another company. cheers
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - Week Ending 03/17/2007

    Anything further on why Portland is mirrored in the 6000's? Bend doesn't show up in Dish's list of locals offered on their website and a check of several Bend addresses doesn't show any availability of these stations. Is it possible that Dish is catching up on offering Portland channels to...
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    guide info off air-what do these channels have in common

    all better All is apparantly better as of 4AM Pacific time. cheers,
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    guide info off air-what do these channels have in common

    I've suddenly noticed that a bunch of channels are listed as off air in my guide as of late this evening. This is the case on all 3 301's and the 522. I've rebooted the receivers and no change. I've done a check switch and guide download on the 522 and no change. Here is a partial list of...
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    522 DVR Playback issue

    Push the 'skip back' button on your remote a couple times and then push the play button on your remote and the sound and video usually goes back in sync. Then push the 'live TV' button to get back to live TV. Yes, this is very annoying but dish doesn't seem to be able to resolve this software...
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    522 Locking up

    The box doesn't have the resources to run the software they put into it with L232. They need to clean up their software to run on the box with fewer resources or put it in a box with more resources. cheers, eastern oregon
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    name based recording; two things not to do and one additional confusing thing

    Like all software bugs that dish software testers(otherwise known as customers) deal with it's really hard to document the exact circumstances that cause the bug to appear. I reproduced this four times with a search from menu-themes and searches-etc. and lost my timers four times. I have not...
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    Two Timer problems?

    You're not doing anything wrong. L232 is a bit hit and miss as far as timers go. I have seen this type of behavior since we got L232. Two possibilities and three potential workarounds. 1. If you have a lot of timers and events in your 'daily schedule' your 522 doesn't allow CSI to record...
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    name based recording; two things not to do and one additional confusing thing

    You're correct. This only happens if you approach search thru 'menu'-'themes and searches(2)' avenue and only if you have your 522 busy watching one recorded thing and recording something else. Now if I can retrain my wife to not use menu-2 to do searches all will be well with the world...
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    name based recording; two things not to do and one additional confusing thing

    Good Afternoon, We have name based recording(232) on our 522 and it offers a nice solution to those of us who watch mostly recorded tv to avoid having to watch commercials. We can set one set of timers and then just maintain the 'daily schedule' with skip and restore choices. Unfortunately...
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    Recording and info don't match

    All of our timers are already name based timers. We have no timers left from before 232. Other thoughts gang? It's now recording ncis but tells us in the DVR events screen that it is Guiding Light.--all very confusing. cheers, eastern
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    Recording and info don't match

    Has anyone had this scenario happen recently?(Since 232 happened)? 522 records a show correctly at the correct time and with the correct before and after buffer but assigns an entirely random show title and information description in the list of recorded shows after recording is done. For...
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    522 L2.07 Update

    2.07 loaded last night. Still have election coverage. It remains to be seen what this latest software upgrade(?) is for. cheers, EO
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    522 L2.06 Release Notes

    Got L2.06 Friday Morning. 1. Still the occasional audio dropout and pixelization. Maybe slightly better. 2. Caller ID still doesn't work, works erratically, or gives wrong information. No better. 3. Still losing Audio/Video sync on recordings. Solved by skipping back a...
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    Quick newbie question

    It's a screensaver just like your computer screensaver. Unlike your computer screensaver Dish has not allowed a way to turn it off. Yes--I agree it's very annoying. cheers.
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    Why do I only get 2 hours of local channel program data at a time?

    Try this, Turn to one of your local channels. Then push and hold the power button on the front of your 522 for 30seconds. Let go of the power button. This is called a soft reset. Sometimes doing a soft reset will allow your 522 to download missing program guide data. It sometimes seems...
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    8 tvs?

    Yes. For 301's(no recording ability) each 301 serves one TV and has it's own remote. For 522's(DVR) each 522 has two remotes; one which runs the TV located in the room with the 522(TV1) and one which lives with the TV in the other room but operates TV2 on the 522. cheers.
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    8 tvs?

    I'm not really technically savy but I'll take a stab at this. I have 5 TV's running off of what is called 'chained' DP34 switches. Switches are labeled with sat input from LNB's, sat output to receivers, and sat feed to subsequent DP34 switches. Each LNB for each satellite(two in my case...
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    522 Hard Drive problems

    Discovered this fine feature when I received a software upgrade(to 168) about 3 weeks ago. At 3 in the morning(or when you have it set to do it's daily upgrade,etc.) The 522 will check your hard drive for errors. This process takes 15-30 minutes during which you can't watch TV. It gives you...
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    Can't get a signal...

    On my DP301(don't know if this is the same as a DP301.10) I push menu-6-1-1 then choose 'Peak Angles' I then have a screen which gives me three Items; Zip code, a choice of superdish, 500, or 300, and a choice of satellite(121W). When I fill in these screens with your information I get Azimuth...
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    Wierd Dish500 Problem

    The repair order was arranged by dish. They contracted with someone in northern Idaho(yes that is correct) who contracted with Precision Satellite in Touchet. I don't remember the name of the specific technician. All I remember was that he was not a happy camper. He expected a simple...
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    Wierd Dish500 Problem

    We are in Adams Oregon(Pendleton)(215 miles west of Portland) and had the same problem but not in relation to our Portland distant locals. From the time we initially installed dish KYVE our Yakima local PBS(which is just a translator of KCTS from Seattle) did the evening signal fade from a...