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  1. goldmantx

    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    My greatest summertime memory is going up to the Catskills to visit my Grandparents. My grandfather would take me down to the stream and taught me that patience is a virtue when fishing! I was a kid and patience didn't come easy (or at all) and I never caught much back then but as we grow older...
  2. goldmantx

    Hopper Upgrades

    Can someone from DIRT also PM me. I want to understand the costs associated with upgrading to the Hopper in terms of hardware and monthly as well. Thanks!
  3. goldmantx

    722k second TV - can I hook up to computer monitor w/no Coax?

    So I have been offered a 47" Plasma monitor from my FIL. I want to put it upstairs in our loft. The issue I have is this, the upstairs loft is connection 2 on my 722 that is downstairs. The Plasma monitor only has BNC, VGA, DVI, composite and RCA jacks. No coax connection. Since I have only the...
  4. goldmantx

    SatelliteGuys Giving Thanks Holiday Giveaway Contest!

    Scott - I know that - was just having a little fun just like trying to decipher the Captcha codes! Congrats to memo90061. How many entries were there this time for the Roku?
  5. goldmantx

    SatelliteGuys Giving Thanks Holiday Giveaway Contest!

    Scott- thanks again for all that you guys do and to your generous family! I am a long time lurker but have learned so much from the site! And I certainly will post a picture of the iPad2 if you choose me! ;-)
  6. goldmantx

    Blockbuster on 612 stinks! Is it coming to WDTV?

    It's not the only reason I am upgrading, I just consider it a bonus. I am one of the lucky ones who still has a Blockbuster 2 miles down the road from me, so I am dropping Netflix as we were only casual users anyways. The additional movie channels, disc by mail and streaming seem like it should...
  7. goldmantx

    Blockbuster on 612 stinks! Is it coming to WDTV?

    Thanks for the heads up as I was considering adding BBMP to my 612. That might push me over the edge to upgrade to the 722K...
  8. goldmantx

    Exchange 612 for a 722K??

    Mary has been super helpful (love the DIRT folks) and I think I might upgrade to the 722K and drop the 211 receiver. It should solve all of my issues and will drop $7/mo as well.
  9. goldmantx

    Exchange 612 for a 722K??

    So I thought about adding a HD and paying the $40 fee to the 211, but then I would be close to $100. At that point is it better to opt for the 722?
  10. goldmantx

    Exchange 612 for a 722K??

    Long time lurker - first time posting as there has been so much good information here! So I have been with DISH for 7 months now and for almost that whole time I have had issues with my 612 receiver. It locks up on reboot constantly (I come down in the morning and listen to the fan spin on high...
  11. goldmantx

    Just a friendly warning about's rebate scam

    Curious if the process is supposed to be started on the phone call when you order.