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  1. YuriLuzr

    Dish America Lineup Card

    I didn't see: FX AMC Nick
  2. YuriLuzr

    Guide PiP issue

    It's a 722, but sounds like it too is just flaky. Haven't reset the box yet, so maybe I will do that and just see how it behaves.
  3. YuriLuzr

    Guide PiP issue

    The PiP seems to have stopped resizing when I go into the guide. It is holding the original picture resolution. Has been working just fine previously, was there a recent update that broke the functionality?
  4. YuriLuzr

    Dish HD - Are You Downsizing?

    I guess the question is, why wouldn't you? What is the difference between HD Ultimate and HD Essentials now? To answer your question, I haven't yet. I keep expecting Dish to announce something that will make me want to stay with HD Ultimate.
  5. YuriLuzr

    For those who would like to Track AMC14

    Is that the Navy's idea of "we'll just give it a little push for ya". :D
  6. YuriLuzr

    HD Lipsync issues

    I just upgraded to HD on a 722, and I have a big lip sync issue on the KungFu channel. :D Sorry, just injecting a bit of humor...
  7. YuriLuzr

    622 Question Regarding Cable Input

    It would be nice if they could include a QAM tuner on that input. Like the OP, I too have my basic sub from the cable, which for a small fee also gives me local HD. Would be really sweet if I could feed that to my DVR and map it down and record it.
  8. YuriLuzr

    Uses for ethernet and USB ports on ViP622?

    *waves hands* These are not the ports you are looking for...move along.
  9. YuriLuzr

    622 and programing options (existing customer)

    Well you won't be able to drop the HD, less you incure the $5.98 HD enabling fee, which means you have an HD receiver but are not subscribing to any HD channels. But, the ~$6 is cheaper then the $20 for HD subscription. So the lowest I can see is AT100 only + HD enable fee + DVR fee + tax...
  10. YuriLuzr

    FIRST LOOK: Dish ViP722 Receiver!

    I was wondering about that too, it says it will upconvert SD on the TV1 output. Is this a new feature over the 622?
  11. YuriLuzr

    Buffering on 622?

    Thanks for the info Walt. Dfergie, be nice if you can try out a quick test by switching between the tuners and seeing if you can rewind the buffer. Thanks.
  12. YuriLuzr

    Buffering on 622?

    Thanks BFG.
  13. YuriLuzr

    Buffering on 622?

    Was wondering if both tuners continue to buffer their feeds to the HDD when switching between tuners. Say I'm on tuner 1, does tuner 2 continue to buffer, so that when I switch over to tuner 2 I might be able to back up feed and watch what was going on that channel while I wasn't there? The...
  14. YuriLuzr

    E* schedule for HD LILs in rural locations??

    You mention a "List", where is this list? Was wondering when the San Francisico area might get HD LiL?
  15. YuriLuzr

    What is the "$99 April deal"?

    It will be interesting to see how much the CSRs will mess up this deal. I bet a lot of callers will get CSRs charging only $99 for any equipment upgrade to vip622.
  16. YuriLuzr

    Do we still have to pay a lease fee per month on the new vip622 ?

    So, I have a 501. (no DVR fee) If I was to upgrade to a 622, I would end up paying a lease fee ($6/mo) + a DVR fee (~$6/mo)? Then there is some sort of HD access fee? Plus the added cost of the HD Bronze package over my current AT60 package?
  17. YuriLuzr

    Continuing larceny

    Is it still true that after Jan 31st, Dish will no longer activate these receivers? There may not be a problem as of now, but what about someone selling this item on Jan 30, by the time it is hooked up, you can't activate it.
  18. YuriLuzr

    When I called Customer service today..

    Oh come on now, where is the fun in that? /sarcasm :D
  19. YuriLuzr

    An update from Scott at CES

    Thanks Scott, this was some of the info I've been looking for from Dish. Have been thinking about jumping ship to Comcast, but I think I will hold on a bit longer to see how the 622 deal comes down, and info on HD-Lite. Congrats on your recongnition, you deserve it. I lurk here a lot and...
  20. YuriLuzr

    Will Voom Show a real DVR tomorrow at CES 2005? Yes!

    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I really hate CES. They show you all these nice cool gadgets, and they never seem to have them available anytime soon. It seems this stuff never hits the streets for at least a year if at all. Hasn't Voom been showing off this DVR for sometime? Yet it...
  21. YuriLuzr

    6 Month Free HD from Dish DELAYED

    Maybe you should downgrade today, and then upgrade on Wednesday. :D
  22. YuriLuzr

    P2.22 screwed up caller id?

    Anyone having any issues with caller id and the new software rev? My caller id on my 501 has worked great until recently. I noticed that a new software was loaded so I suspect something is not working correctly.
  23. YuriLuzr

    SBC / DISH Product Brochure

    "Basic" sounds like just locals and nothing else, but if you go with Top 60 you get locals free. I just don't understand how SBC is going to provide my locals? OTA? Though DSL? Or maybe a special dish?
  24. YuriLuzr

    SBC / DISH Product Brochure

    What does it mean "Local channels provided by SBC"?
  25. YuriLuzr

    65" mistu HDTV w/DP501 to 921??

    The 921 has an HD decoder built-in, no need to buy a separate box. You can hood an antenna to it and get OTA local stations. Of course you have to sub to dishnetworks HD package to get their stations like Discovery-HD and HDNet.