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    directv active won't work on genie mini

    You can switch between PIP screens with whatever is mapped to the "Down" arrow.
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    Does anyone know which packages will carry this channel?
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    Extending the Recording Ending Time > 3 hours (HR-34)

    You could set a manual recording on that channel with the start and end times you need.
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    Weather Channel - Local on the 8s

    Ok, thanks for the confirmation. It worked pretty flawlessly before this update, good to know it's a problem since it might actually get fixed that way.
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    Weather Channel - Local on the 8s

    Just to add some more information, I am getting the interactive program mini-banner (red button for local and dash to exit) regularly. After a reboot and waiting, the local on the 8s overlay is still very inconsistent. I saw the overlay work once but most of the time nothing shows up during...
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    Weather Channel - Local on the 8s

    My HR24s got the newest update (with HD apps) two days ago. Since then, Local on the 8s on the Weather Channel hasn't been showing up at the right times. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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    FOX Shuffle (FS1, FS2, and FXX) any updates?

    That's great news, but do we have any idea which packages will carry this channel?
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    Adults Only?

    According to the info screen, if you set "Adult Channels" to Hide Adult, it will remove the Adults Only from the receiver. Not sure if that means the icon or what.
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    Adults Only?

    Just noticed it on my HR34 this morning. I'd suggest people with kids check if their parental settings are set up to hide it if they have issues with that kind of thing. I'm kind of surprised that it just showed up with no notice in such an easily accessible place with a flashy flame icon.
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    TV/Receiver Comes On After Update

    The list order will reset after a power cycle as well. I'm pretty sure it is not receiving upgrades multiple times a week (my 34 last took a software update when it was installed about 2 weeks ago and none since). Do as jdspencer says and check settings for the TV, note/track the software...
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    Thinking of going back to directv

    Just added a HR34 to my two HR24s; 9 tuners is great (wife does TV research).
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    One button recording "to do" list

    Yellow used to bring up an options screen including closed captioning. When they redesigned it and moved CC, their bright idea was to have the yellow button pop the Info banner, but not activate the CC option. So now, it essentially operates like another Info button.
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    Rewinding Live TV and Bookmarks

    Didn't there used to be a shortcut to live tv if you held down the skip for some number of seconds? It never worked well and I never used it because of that, but I wonder if it's still there. Not at home, or I'd check.
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    HD Extra Pack confusion...

    I always add mine back within minutes of cancelling it. As soon as I cancel it, it usually shows right back up on the website. I've been doing this since January 2011.
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    After hard reset do recordings auto resume?

    I've noticed that mine generally pick recordings back up. Of course there is an approximately 9 minute gap (HR24s) and you have two separate recordings, but it seems to start recording again as soon as it comes back up and through the boot screens.
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    Accessing other DVR's from currently viewed DVR

    I have to shuffle between my two HR24s every time to make sure stuff is recording on at least one of them. I always forget which one is in charge of which shows. It's definitely annoying when I'm settled and just want to double check.
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    Accessing other DVR's from currently viewed DVR

    Nope, can't view To Do Lists of other DVRs even with MRV. Has to be one of the most requested features.
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    Banner top of screen

    Alright, as expected, a reboot solved it on all three boxes. I didn't have anything recording, so I went ahead and did it.
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    Banner top of screen

    Yeah, sometimes there is some gray in there. The black background image becomes slightly transparent and appears and disappears in places, so I can see the television picture behind the info bar (and the menu items at the bottom). Other times, there is a weird section in the middle where you...
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    Banner top of screen

    I'm noticing issues in the top banner on all of my boxes (2 HR24s and one H24) where the background graphic has different issues every time I bring up the info bar. No other screens show problems, but this one just came up this morning. I checked, and none of the boxes got a software update...
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    HD Extra Pack confusion...

    Mine has been like that since Choice Xtra Classic was introduced. I had to do it late last month (sometime after the 23rd) because I was billed a partial charge for the channels. Maybe they recently changed it to allow it. I tried testing it by removing it, but since I re-added it in the past...
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    HD Extra Pack confusion...

    Not a glitch, or something changed. I have the same package and cannot change it online anymore (did it online for a year and a half). I now have to call in. Doesn't take much time.
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    Pulled the trigger today and have a few questions

    Actually, the weird thing with series recordings on the DTV receivers, they sometimes also record the episode you set up the series recording from. If you found an episode in the guide and used it to set up the series recording, it will often record that episode too, even if it doesn't match...
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    Suspending 1 Box

    You can suspend just one receiver; I've got an SD receiver that's been in a closet for over a year (since my initial install). My installer said people do it all the time with college kids who come and go and other situations like that.
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    Two HR24 or One HR34?

    I have two HR24s. From a receiver, you choose which device to record it on. There is currently no way to assign a recording to a DVR from another DVR, conflict or not. You can physically go to the other DVR and assign it, or possibly from your mobile device.