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  1. mijd

    xfinity triple play

    I'm in my 3rd month of Verizon fios double play with increased speeds to 50/50mbs and multiroom DVR. I can see the difference in picture Verizon vs D* and at times noticed hesitations in the picture on he main DVR. A couple of times there has been 30 to 45 second "hiccups" in the connection...
  2. mijd

    Xfinity's X1

    Decided on Verizon Fios DP and not real impressed so far. There is a definite picture quality difference between Fios DVR and the Genie. As far as the internet is concerned, I was real happy with Verizon's 50/50 and found a DP package that was the same price contract or no contract ...not...
  3. mijd

    Comcast Voice Service

    Wow, So, Comcast give your number to AT&T because they requested it. Sounds to me like a double screw up... one that Comcast and AT&T doesn't want to bother to fix. I can't image my landline number that I've had since 1990 and ported to my Sprint cell phone in 2003....... having GTE...opps...
  4. mijd

    New way to get rid of snow on your dish

    I did the same thing but went south.....
  5. mijd

    Comcast support

    I was up in the air to sign up with Comcast or Verizon. I heard a lot of horror stories with CS and Comcast. Verizon's billing can be a nightmare too. I had internet with Comcast and upgraded to two (non contract) HD receivers. Never activated the receivers and was never charged for them...
  6. mijd

    New Fios quantum gateway router.

    Signed up for Quantum Fios about a month ago online. My first order was through a door to door Fios salesperson. He explained that I could use my Motorola SURFboard Extreme however the installer nixed that idea. I too am wondering about their new quantum gateway router as I've read it covers a...
  7. mijd

    Samsung Directv Ready TV

    I bought one of these back in 2002 RCA CRT tv 38" with built in HD DirectV receiver. I paid an extra $7.00 a month for HD and received exactly 2 HD channels. Never had a problem with the receiver, of course when DirectV upgraded their HD receivers, I had to bypass the internal one. The TV if...
  8. mijd

    What package/packages do you have? Are you "moved"?

    Mine ended November 1st, I had a Total Choice with 1 mini and equipment guarantee. $93 including tax. I also completed a D* exit survey. Suggested they offer packages and incentives without contracts especially if their AT&T merger goes through. Got a phone call from a D* higher up and a few...
  9. mijd

    DirectV problem

    texasbrit, Just got off the phone with the access card department and the CSR reinstated my contract origination date as 10/15/2012. This forum has provided so much helpful info that has saved many headaches. Thanks!
  10. mijd

    DirectV problem

    After being a customer of DirectV from 1997 to 2010 and then again in 2012, I thought I had studied and understood the company's policies. When I signed up again in 2012, I added the Equipment Protection and kept it throughout my contract period. Back in April of this year, my Genie bit the...
  11. mijd

    Xfinity's X1

    My Directv contract is coming to an end and I'm not too crazy reading about Hughesnet, I'm trying to decide between Xfinity doubleplay and Verizon Fios doubleplay. I have Xfinity internet now and own my own modem which is a definite plus over Fios. However I haven't heard too many good things...
  12. mijd

    Genie VS Tivo

    I would also consider staying with the Genie if I could sub with a HR44, however I've read in this forum that DTV doesn't guarantee this model as a sub. At the start of my last subscription contract I had a client installed in my family room that had a separate outlet for my Xfinity internet. As...
  13. mijd

    Genie VS Tivo

    Thanks everyone, all good replies. With all the options, bundles and promotions, I want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for my buck. Under my contract that's ending with DTV, I have autopay and have free HD. I read other posts in this forum that stated DTV will most likely continue with...
  14. mijd

    Genie VS Tivo

    Sorry my mistake. :(
  15. mijd

    Genie VS Tivo

    Thanks Satgirl any info is appreciated.
  16. mijd

    Genie VS Tivo

    I'm at the end of my 2 year contract and I'm down to the Genie (HR34) and no clients. I've been comparative shopping Fios vs Xfinity vs Directv the latter thinking of downgrading to a Tivo box from the Genie. Anyone know the costs involved? Is a Tivo subscription also required? I know that...
  17. mijd

    Is this legit? (Sam's club/Directv)

    I know right! I do F&I for a car dealership and do the same to some of my potential customers. After my credit discussions they tell me that can get a better price at this dealership or a better apr with some other lending institution. I tell them they better jump at it then... and ask them why...
  18. mijd

    genie issue

    mdram, Had the same thing happen and several of the forum members stated the HD in my Genie was crashing. Did you email or call DTV? I tried to call their 5000 number and the answering machine is looping, states that it is connecting to tech support and then starts the greeting all over again...
  19. mijd

    Error messages on Genie self-check

    Thanks for the replies. I would have continued to reboot unaware the HD would fail and thanks Bob for relating your similar experience. I will call when within the next day or two and give myself an hour for the call to support. Sure glad I didn't discontinue my equipment protection.
  20. mijd

    Error messages on Genie self-check

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience this problem.... I've done a search and didn't find any threads that matched my problem. Today for the 2nd time in a month my Genie lost it's picture and started doing a self-check. This went on for well over 4 hours with the notice on the TV screen...
  21. mijd

    Parents: Beware, Your Under Legal Age Children Will Be Held Responsible For Your Account

    Jam3s, Your last paragraph is most likely true, and people can learn a lesson from this. I had Directv back in 97 and continued through the years with them until 2005. A couple years prior to that I decided to upgrade to HD and leased a receiver from an online retailer. I was told the receiver...
  22. mijd

    Returning a receiver question

    I haven't had to deal with this since 2010, but I'm sure the "return box" contains a label to fix to the outside of the box to return the receiver in it. Procedures may have changed of course since then, but IMO I would call and request another return box or at least tell DTV your dilemma and...
  23. mijd

    To cut or Not to Cut

    Thanks Iceberg, I appreciate the info.
  24. mijd

    To cut or Not to Cut

    First off, Happy New Year to my fellow Satellite Guys members and thanks in advance for any comments, opinions or answers to my questions. I'm 16 months in to my contract and would like to add ShowTime to my subscription and pay for it by eliminating a client and the equipment protection. I'm...
  25. mijd

    Thinking of moving to Directv, but then there's the HOA. Mounting advice appreciated!

    texasbrit is correct. SFH anywhere in your yard or on your house. Just not on a common area. If it's a condo, check your CCR's but usually not on any common area.