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Dec 26, 2007
Is only ppv available in 1080p? Is there a way to search for 1080p programming?

Are there many 3d options? What is your take on it? I've been to a 3d movie in the theater, 1 time but that is it.
1. Yes. The only thing available in 1080p over sat/cable is VOD.

2. Clarify. What do you mean by "options"? I enjoy the 3D offerings on D* and Blu-ray. Do you have all of the necessary equipment? 3D TV. A 3D capable sat box, etc?

There are a few 3D offerings now. They have 3 or 4 3D channels, and 3D ppv. It is done quite nicely.
As stated however, you must have the correct equipment.
thanks for the input. I have a Samsung DLP in the living room (a few yrs old) and it is able to do 3d but I believe it needs an add on box/transmitter. But I was thinking about getting a tv for one of the spare rooms (or possibly both, probably 30-42 inch ish)and was wondering how worthwile it maybe to spend for the 3d. Is the 3d programming mostly movies? Do they still do some of the nfl games in 3d? I thought at one time that was the "craze".

Thanks for the info.
At this point, the 3d option isnt that much more on a new set, so I would get it. Plus, generally, the sets that offer 3D are the step up models with better features and/or panels than the non 3d sets.

As for the content, ive seen alot of concert type shows, nature shows, tourist shows, discovery type programing, and ESPN has several 3D college football games during the season. Havent seen a NFL game in 3D.
And there are movies. This month they have been doing Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, and a couple of others.
A good bit of content given there are only 4 channels plus one on demand.

Id like to add that if you have a PS3, you can get additional content that way through the PS store and Vudu.
Please reply by conversation.

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