2 Recievers + 1 Remote Control + 1 TV

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Aug 20, 2006

I currently have dishnetwork 500 with a DP301 Reciever connected to recieve paid subscription programming from dishnetwork on SAT 61.5W and would like to add another FTA dish on 97W to recieve free programming ..

My question,

How can I control 2 different recievers which are connected to 2 different dishes with the same Remote Control on the same TV ? Is that possible ?

Thanks for any help ..
Purchase a learning remote and teach the commands from your 3 remote controls to the unit.

Some advanced learning remotes also feature micros for perfoming multiple functions with one button, I.E. turn on the FTA receiver, switch the audio amplifier and TV to the correct inputs.
Purchase a learning remote and teach the commands from your 3 remote controls to the unit.

Thanks for replying but I do not understand what you mean by Learning Remote ?

Can we start with how both receivers should be connected to the same TV first ?
If this is possbile then I need to find out how to use 1 Remote Contol to control both Recievers ..

Thanks Again ...
Most newer TV's (5 years old) have multiple inputs for audio video, the are usually on the back of the TV and may be colored RED / WHITE / GREEN

This will give you the best picture quality and you can hook as many components as you have inputs, to change between the components there is usually a Video selection button on the TV remote.

I have 4 receivers hooked to my TV.
I see ..

Looks like my TV has the 1 Yellow/White/Red connection, S-video, and Coax ..

SO in my case, I would need to keep my dishnetwork reciever connected to the 1 (Yellow/White/Red connection S-video), and then connect the FTA reciever to the Coax input on the back of the TV then use Learning Remote to control both recievers to flip thru channels from both Satellite dishes ..

Did I get this right ....

Yes that's one way to do it, Radio Shack also sell a device that will let you plug in many components into the one video/audio input you do have, this should give you a better picture than coax :)
Please reply by conversation.

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